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Very satisfied. Yes sometimes, there's just a thing that doesn't quite work. yeah. Yeah. It's just was our gang. Yeah I would say a turnoff for me. I've really do not like anything in my ears and I've had people I don't mind if people like kiss you know my neck and but any tong in my ear is like math. I just do not I. Do not like it. It tickles and also it makes me kind of combative. Keeps like I'm not into it. So. Yeah usually I. Don't know. I guess I mentioned that sometimes. But the I don't I don't. Know. What about the eyelid? I would. I actually have had somebody like very lightly kiss my eyelid and like under like my eyebrow kind of light and that was sexy, but they weren't like licking it. They were late late kissing kind of. Blowing on it a little bit which was nice. I. Had One lover with him anymore but. He was really like there was just no boundaries between us at all like. There was just nothing off limits and we gone like super deep together and we'd been together for awhile and like we were like each other is only lovers most of the time that we were together and so it was like a very, very deep connected sexual relationship and he would do that in like it. Definitely it was. Really. It was a was almost like he was intriguing and. Like it's an area that isn't commonly touched by somebody, and so it was like almost a sexual taboo in a way you know lake. Typically. You wouldn't be like touching somebody there in a sexual way, and so it made it erotic and like it definitely was something it wasn't necessarily something that the. Sensation of turn me on. But almost just the novelty of it turned me on and the. Violation of boundaries in a way like not I don't mean like violating like an in a negative way but just like just. Typical sexual spot was not typical sexual spot and Zoellick this area. He was like going into an area where no one else had gone before kind of thing, and so in that way it was. Definitely. Sexy. Yeah. But I don't think it's something that I've like I'm just having sex with someone that he just met that I would want them like leading eyelid. Yeah I. I don't know. It's Kinda funny. Right like assure lick my post even my eyelid. I..

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