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It's not because someone's helping the snap out of is because he needed that pet to from his mom and he realized he was always worthy. He just needed to be taught. He needed just that shining light. And he had that amazing emotional moment with mom. I also just like well, obviously when he decides to so himself, I will get shredded. And I reckon be funny saying where it's just like what happened arch stunts impress ups and as Galt and I'm back to being ripped for again. He never loses the way and even to the point where when he he shines the nurse. It's the second time when he gets his alma back on and it showing him putting his alma back on. He's he's hair is braided. Yes. And it bright in a very ceremonious way. It's almost decided at your best. It means that you are presenting yourself to be the ultimate you to be the best you best version of you. And that doesn't mean shedding pound. Now, that means just presenting yourself in the way that you will meant to be and this actually goes and this apology is this is a tangent newspaper, hopefully will make sense or hope anyway, this kind of a pit Tamaz is Chris Hemsworth interpretation of for what he first started playing this role. Four was a Shakespearean Fisher four. Comedy. But kind of no fantasy movie the second movie the dark world pretty much played upon that same thing. Josh Waylon did not know how to use his character. It was a Buffy character. It was I he's funny. He's English sounding. Let's just make him. It's all prim proper experience to the point where all of the age of ultra Chris Hemsworth sat down with Kevin foggy and said, I am not enjoying this is I'm grateful. I'm so grateful, but this is not me as an artist. This is not what I want to be. And I took a minute to think where to go with four from that point onwards to the point where he wasn't in civil war because I didn't know what I'll do the character. And also again, you go superman problem of you can't have more to scrapping out if you can have someone like four coming in just fucking Trump move. So then I sat down and Chris Hendricks, whatever might that Ghostbusters movie. And he's doing more comedic stuff. Oh, yeah. Yeah. That a lot. He's funny in the film. He's a funny guy. And I said, okay, don't experiment with that talk while Tiki pitch. And bullet you pitch and produce and all of a sudden, he's reinvigorated character. He is my full. He's version of the character to a point where you could cut its hair tie ways hammer, take off his Kate. And he is still full doesn't matter. That's not what makes four it's not the hammer is not the case. It's not the muscles is Chris Hemsworth. And that a pitcher misers this character. Now in this story at this point. It's not the fact that he's shredded it's not the fact that he's got millionaires. Not the fact that he's a living. God four is four. And there's nothing you can take away from that. And that speaks to the saw third act up that each of these characters have been free think about on man, and all I men free. Literally he casts out his own. Arc reactor decide. Take this evening sister line taekwondo soups, take away the gadget say the tricks. What we got left? I'm still on man. And that's exactly what four is. He is still worthy. Doesn't matter about that stuff. And I applaud them for doing that. Now in hindsight thinking about nice as a really really good point. Plus it gives us may tools cost play option as well. So a lot of people are happy doing a full. But. I completely agree that the with the interpretation is just that odd again on dislike fat suit comedy, ROY infamy is just the fucking lowest of the low. So I think we're going through the O G adventures. Let's talk about the future because we're warm one Ted, and I'm sure we could we could go ROY apps the free market..

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