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Three things to know in 9 15 1 Talent Bill High School, the largest school on Staten Island will not open a student's has planned this Thursday because of a teacher shortage. Instead, students will turn to virtual only learning. To President Trump Pick Judge Amy Cockney Barrett to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the high court. So far, four of the six local senators here in the tri state have already come out against her nomination. And three on the Upper West Side. 300 homeless men will soon be moved out of the shelter inside a hotel and moved elsewhere decision that spark plenty of opposition. More on this with our Mac Rosenberg. People who live here say quality of life went down on the Upper West Side when 300 homeless men moved into the Lucerne Hotel on 79 Street in July. Open drug usage. You know men not taking care of lying in the streets. There were disturbances on the streets. You know people being disturbed in open space like in restaurants. Alison Morpurgo is the vice president of the Westside Community Organization, she says. A lot of that had to do with the fact that a hotel isn't properly equipped to serve homeless men with drug problems. They were far from their treatment downtown. And so it was really sort of a lose lose situation for for that, then in the hotel's who were getting treatment there, new digs will be in a hotel in the Flatiron district, which Morpurgo says will be better equipped. The decision to move the men was not without its detractors. The upper West Side Open Hearts Initiative, which was fighting to keep them at the Lucerne says the only thing moving the men will accomplish is further trauma. On the Upper West Side. Mac Rosenberg double the CBS News Radio 80 WCBS news time. 9 17 Mexico admits there was a cover up in the disappearance of 43 student teachers six years ago. CBS News correspondent Adrian barred with more from Mexico City. Six years after the 43 student teachers were abducted. Mexican officials issued arrest warrants for members of both the military and federal police once considered almost untouchable, counting down each of the 43 missing family members and activists protest ID. Mexico's president reiterated his pledge to get to the bottom of this calling the case proof of the country's corruption. Adrian barred. CBS NEWS Mexico CITY WCBS news time 9 18 Check traffic.

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