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Of them of that alcoholic beverages. I tell you what? I didn't see masks. I didn't. I didn't see a lot of masks going on. Um, Look, I get it. We're all experienced. Now we're all experienced. And Democrats. We've been around this road. I get it. When you're in college. You think you're invincible. That's true on a number of fronts and You know, maybe they all will be. Maybe they all will be just fine. However, there is one question that needs to be asked here. What is it? That's different about January. 11th in 2021, then every other January like what is it that you're celebrating? You understand that college football has become dodgeball in inside the movie Billy Madison. How old is Billy Madison? Did I date myself badly? There are really badly. Do you remember out of Sandler? Billy Madison? An adult, and he plays dodgeball with kindergartners. Who do you think wins? Do we understand that here? We're number one. Well, Yeah, yeah. There's only three teams. So you can all rotate, winning or house taken. Just be frustrated every year and then Clemson and Alabama is your turn you in. You would take this year we'll take next year. And then everybody pours onto the streets. We won. Whoa, um, that's okay. All of those folks in Alabama They can either do a really, really big road trip or get a plane ticket. Come on out to Disneyland. At some point over the next couple of months and get the vaccine. This was funny on a number of fronts. I don't know if you saw this earlier today throughout the day, and the 40 Niners are involved in this the 40 Niners as a team. They put out I think Al Guido was I saw him. He put it out on Twitter. The 40. Niners said. Look, we are we are working with the county of Santa Clara to become a Max. Covic vaccine spot so the masses can come to Levi's, and I saw Gavin Newsom. This was really funny. Gavin Newsom. He tweeted earlier today. I got to get this one is I really want to read this one word for work. So here it is. Okay. This is from Gavin Newsom's Twitter earlier today. California will be opening mass vaccination sites this week, including Dodger Stadium, Padres Stadium and Cal Expo. Uh, that won't sound funny to a lot of you. You're like what? Why is that funny to understand? This is why the Padres are signing everybody. This is a classic example of why the Padres are signing everybody. I've lived in San Diego two different times in my life. And There is no city I've ever experienced in my life. As a bigger inferiority complex. In San Diego, California. It's funny. They call it America's finest city. Everybody loves it. There. It is great. I'm a sports standpoint, especially in other ways, too. I mean, they are just on a hamster wheel. Try and don catch up to L. A and San Francisco is hard as they can. They're just adorable down there. And The fact that Gavin Newsom's like Dodger Stadium Hmm. Padre stadiums called Padre Stadium. Right now it's not called Padre State is called Petco Park. Well, whatever Padre Stadium And and Cal Expo also Like Everybody else. This is perfect San Diego. Everybody else in the state will read that tweet. Just be like, okay, Cool. That's cool. So like you can go to where the Dodgers player the Padres play and get a vaccination that will drive him nuts in San Diego. That tweet will drive them Batty in San Diego. Gavin Newsom doesn't even know the name of our state. He knows Dad. Your stadium. But he doesn't know. Had go park. And then about an hour after that, boom, Disneyland Disneyland is going to be a mass vaccination side. Apparently, it's funny on the way over here tonight, I was talking to my folks. My parents live. Yes. When you wish upon a star makes no difference if you're vaccinated or not..

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