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Right yeah i knew he rubbed your nose well i throw my gum i shouldn't have done that did not stood non i'm ready that's not something tell but again i got to take my boy we sat courtside and he got a basketball signed by both teams my god and lebron came over stop said hi to my boys dot steph came over and said hi to my out then we sat next to adele beckham junior the whole game odell makes a bet with my son what the final score the game's going to be and he said whoever loses has twenty pushups right here and he lost odell jump down into twenty push ups for go dell gave my son a role three hanging out take it i know he's nine but i want them to learn how to dry and appreciate on the floor so should we go so you got the we have the super bowl we have the nba all star game then i take the boy to spring training george brick is batting less than phenomenal then we go to the final four because i'm jay hawk gio made the final four i'm sideline reporting for tbs tnt they did the team cast average casting so and i thought that was a good idea i had a lot of ku fan sell me it was such a painful game to watch it was you felt my pain to pain because i felt your pain because michigan just shot the bed and the nightstands shot three of twenty three from three cans didn't know how to defend them.

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