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These are one of the categories that being placed in high risk people that really have to be very careful Before deciding fast really and free type twos as you were saying it's It's a little easier because their body does produce insulin and they're not taking insulin which could create a hike gratton episode for two diabetic. Some of them are still on insulin. But you said a very correct statement for diabetic their bodies to produce insulin and theoretically when they stop eating their own insulin. Production will start to come down and that prevent them from having significant severe. Low Sugar Action But people who are type two are still taking some basil and so on. They definitely can talk. I doubt dozes at that for just to go back on the pump s setting They really have to cut down on their Basal Insulin. Even they may change their car issues. That will be very personalized. Very specific tailored program and change to each person would have to have different recommendation. Do you do you feel overall that Muslims at have diabetes understand the risks associated with fasting or not are they defeated on that or I wouldn't say well educated. I don't think anybody really have paid much attention on. Not just for for patient even for physicians. I've been trained here in the United States and I don't recall really getting specific education forum on what to do when I have a patient come through to the clinic But in general Muslim people have good experience with that thing because probably facet. Before they became diabetic they fasted all along with the medication changes. So they have experienced but I don't I don't think they have really good education and that's why we're really trying to increase the awareness for physicians and for the community and community to be more aware of what's going on and what are the risk factors. And what are the things that they need to look for? Which medication that needs to be adjusted than others? This is for the patient the Healthcare Professional. I would say both I mean here and where where what I practice. We twee trying to reach out to the community and we've been giving lectures at the community center and in the same time trying to raise awareness for physicians to to know what Rama Ban and what to look for. There are a lot of really good resources links. Like the American Diabetes Association. International degration of diabetes have done amazing work to help guide physicians to help their patients..

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