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For twelve yards. And that really was the issue was pretty much over at halftime. Even though this prodigious Alabama offense hadn't scored the way they normally do in the first half. And then you look at the total yards for Alabama at halftime three hundred twenty five. So they didn't score their normal Talia points. But they sure move the ball between the twenties at will. And then tonight was the breakout game for this defense a defense. It hasn't been in the spotlight. They really haven't been called upon the way that the offense has has tallied and been scored points that will. But you know, though, this defense arrived tonight. And I think now it becomes a very complete team a team that's pitched shutouts in the last two games here in Baton Rouge against LSU. And of course with the win. LSU captures the SEC west Georgia earlier in the day captured the SEC. With their win over Kentucky. So the southeastern conference championship game for Atlanta is already set these to these teams have a few games to go for LSU was just tonight where they were dominated at the line of scrimmage. They got pushed around by the number one team in the country statement, Saturday, Alabama said, you know, we're the best team in the country. Once again final score from Baton Rouge, Alabama twenty nine LSU nothing for David Norrie. I'm Bill resents key right here on the exclusive home of the college football playoff ESPN radio and the ESPN app an Alabama just the second team since the AP poll error that's nineteen thirty six to shut out LSU in consecutive road games. Highlighted matchup with the big ten featured Michigan on the outside. Looking in terms of the first college football playoff rankings this week wolverines ranks fifth tangling with number fourteen. Penn State at the big house. This was all wolverines shotgun.

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