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And so when I when I want you just like the page for the total experience of Risi west. So they were really just east fucking night-clothes here that had to clean drinks, or whatever. Yeah. And so that time you had to have the drinks off the floor at by two o'clock. So at one thirty they would lay comics, and so you had to shout and shit, you know, at one thirty one thirty so calm out too. So that they could clean the drinks up. No shit. They can still stay. They just couldn't have liquor out. One hundred hundred Nabala. Yeah. I don't know that neighborhood is south Scituate. If you hit them of Iraq from my house you hit living coming. That's what have you. Izzo. We were in the carburetor part of Los Angeles. So I lived on this side that was LA and across the street wiscon-. What does that incorporated mean? Nobody wants to. And it was gone the unincorporated. But it was like it was Los Angeles. Compton Gardena is like if you go if you look on a map, rosecrans, Avalon and cross this ways Gardena crosses Wisconsin cross. Yeah. So it was really it didn't belong man's land. So we're like almost exactly the same age give or take a few months for nineteen sixty three. So like you grew up to a lot of shitting neighborhood. Yeah. Of course, I don't know that it felt like anything like it was just like there was just your life. And like when I when I watched movies or stuff about a team that was on how to anybody. But it didn't ever feel like that would me feel like it's not something that I I'm not overly in the style GIC about it. But I have a lot of pleasant memories. Yeah. But do you remember it like at any point getting bad or scary or fuck? It was never scary to me when I was living there when you. Were little when I when I was living there. But when I got married I got married like twenty one still married to same urge. I still am. And when I would go back because you know, you were in it. I would go back like when I see this is pretty good. So it would it would once that like ten broke and you had seen other things. Right. Because you have had virtually nothing to compare it to how long did you stay there? Like your whole childhood. Yeah. Yes. They hotel. And then I left when I was like seventeen. So what was the family situation? How many brother has I have two sisters and one brother and folks still around? Went about. A month and a half ago would really is. It was you know, it's funny because run he has run. Yeah. That's what I told myself because I'm like, I think pretty pragmatic guy. But it was it was rougher than I thought it would be. I thought man I've seen a lot of sit in the good run. How old was he eighty four? Yeah. When you all man, like women say dumb like I don't think that intentionally but they have a different motivation. You should be there. Right. When he he'll know he didn't know. Because he was he. But it was so funny because we what have he had stays for lung cancer. So it was whole that was a horrible thing to. But it was he didn't know because he was on morphine. He was on every. But there was there was the most the best moments. I've ever had with my father was when he was on oxygen and couldn't talk. It's amazing the situation. Get this win the case they never make. Shit. You know, how much I loved him and how much I wish he'd let me be close to takes his mask off. And he says, you know, I was from that Jenner is he was lucid. And from the generation. I'm amazed at how much you and I'm not too, so Prouty hope brother. Walk didn't go. Wait a minute. I was talking to that move. Folks. Who are you?.

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