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And part of me. I honest to goodness part of me wonders. If there's going to be some level of intervention behind the scenes I mean he will will Obama himself. Go to the go-to Biden and say. Hey Buddy it probably time for you to get out of this Joey Lumpia Time to go enjoy. Your retirement be listed this conversation on. CNN New Year there were two national polls in the last couple of days is that showed him dropping significantly and what was noteworthy at least in the Quinnipiac. Poll haven't been able to look inside the mammoth Elliott was a precipitous drop among young African Americans after Iowa. Well he had fifty one or two percent before I went down to like twenty five twenty six percent so dropped by half which goes goes to what you guys are saying. African American voters are discerning voters. They're looking for a candidate who can beat Donald Trump. They were attracted to Joe Biden. Yes because of his service service with Barack Obama but also because they thought he was the guy who could be trump and it's hard to look like a winner when you're losing. That's David axelrod brock. Doc Obama's chief strategist. I Know David David extra by the way as an aside is a great great commentator he he really is He and Van Jones on CNN. Do the Democrats a a a a good service by being willing to call bs on their own side and and be objective about it. They they do a fantastic job. David is a very nice guy And you would think he'd be supportive of Biden and yet he's one of the ones who's been saying for a while. That Biden is floundering around Biden is flooding and he is he's old my goodness and Bernie Sanders is older than him. And at some point age matters and it's going to matter what you'll Biden I. It really is starting to look like elder abuse. I feel sorry for the guy. I like Joe the Biden. Listen I realized you and I disagree on everything. Joe Biden says but it's hard not to like a guy who's who's that that crazy affable Poland and laughable and and his wife has done such good work by the seems without ever getting credit for it With people in the military who who came back from overseas with debilitating injuries. They're just they're nice people they really are. He's terrible politician and he would be a bad president with the policies he would advance. But I can say that and say he's a nice person and I realize there's some people that there's a new campaign because he's good. I try to like people on the other side of the aisle even when I disagree with them but oh my goodness the disaster. It's time for him to go. It is time for him to go. And it's time for us to move on from talking about it all right one more interesting little political note Uh There's Alabama polling Doug Jones He's getting blown out of the water right now. In the Alabama Senate Jeff sessions at thirty one percent time to reveal twenty nine percent Bradley burned seventeen Roy Moore five percent only sixteen percent undecided Jones loses to all of them By all of them. Getting over fifty percent he he is dead man walking Geen and interestingly enough All the people on the democratic side upset about this report to know but all the same polls show that trump is going to lose as. Yeah but all the polls show that George W. Bush was gonNA lose to John Kerry this time in two thousand four things change the one stable thing is that He is he ebb. Doug Jones is not GonNa win in Alabama all right all right all right all right all right Jessi small it however you say if if you listen to the Dave Chapelle stand up on Netflix. It's juicy small lay. He is indicted in Chicago. Kogyo I find this story hilarious. So he sets up for those who do not recall juicy smooth away. He was the actor on Im- buyer. The Fox show who was worried about being dropped from the show so he went to Chicago and it was like negative ten degrees in in a blizzard like conditions and decided to walk to a subway and claimed that to do to make America great again. Hats and rope showed up out of the blue and said hey our choose you see small lay from empire we need to Lynch you and op. He made the whole they really worked with with his trainers. who were Nigerian? Or some such mean the whole thing was a scale and it was designed to get him attention for standing up to Donald Trump. You know he said that he would. He had that interview with. What's her name Gayle King or whoever and and he took it to the man he he was he was a brave dude and took it to the man? Holy Moly well he made the whole thing up And it it. It didn't go over the way he planned to go and well. Now he's getting indicted. Now if you'll recall the district attorney cut a deal with him and basically weekly he got out of everything even though in the police in in Chicago were livid because when they said they didn't believe him he and his team blasted the police and became a big deal there the way he handled it and is so many members of the press treated him as if he was some honest broker or some such it was deeply embarrassing and they should have known better but they you didn't and everyone kind of apologized for him or at least a distance themselves and it didn't turn out well for for Juicy Malay- and now he's going to be indicted. I was trying to find well. I don't have time to play this audio of the the the way the media treated as if he was telling the truth truth very much like you know what it reminded me of in the design. End Debate win. The media went after when they went after Bernie Sanders. I say to Elizabeth Warren that a woman couldn't win and he denied it and said there's no way he would ever say that and then they turned Elizabeth ordway. Why did Bernie Sanders tell you this They just treated it as if it was true when it wasn't with such a scam. Alrighty we got other stuff to talk about who can we move on. Please from from New Hampshire. Everybody Joe Biden injure moved on from New Hampshire. I WANNA bring you up to date on some real quick. This is important. I have blasted lasted fifth. Third Bank repeatedly fifth Third Bank and Wells Fargo. You will recall that in Florida. They have an opportunity. Scholarship Program Fifth Third Bank Bank has contributed five point. Four million dollars Into this program over time is a program that allows poor kids to go to a school school of their choice. He gives scholarships in the private schools for poor kids in failing school systems to get out there. A thousand schools that participate eighty three of those thousand schools are Christian schools. That actually believe the Bible and take it seriously and what the kids go there to take it seriously and so they. They require that if you come to their school you you support a biblical ethics including Biblical ethic of sexuality that marriages between a man and a woman and homosexuality and adultery or sins and because of that because these eighty three schools could potentially allow poor kids to get good Christian Education's Education's Fifth Third Bank and Wells Fargo walked away from the scholarship under pressure from the alphabet. Gang and Fifth Third Bank has decided to come back act to it they they have reconsidered. It Tony Perkins writing at the daily signal notes. This that Fifth Third Bank has come to his senses. After after a week of uncertainty the company Said Down with Florida parents and pastors and decided not to listen to the cultural beliefs. It's one thing company to support. LGBT extremism is quite another. The bank agreed read to hurt. Needy children in the process. Most kids had already left school for the weekend when they got the good news. What are the biggest contributor to the Florida voucher program wasn't dropping out after all fifth third third bank who joined Wells Fargo and abandoning the scholarships had gotten an earful in after a few days of protest rallies nonstop phone calls? The business finally relented. It's five point. Four million dollar investment in school choice for the state would go on regardless of what the Orlando Sentinel in some liberal lawmakers think Or lend the the Orlando Sentinel is deeply deeply The critical of Fifth Third Bank for supporting poor kids going to schools of their choices and in Fifth Third Bank has now decided that they will in fact support that that program Wells Fargo however is standing with the alphabet gang and basically telling a poor kids to go to failing schools and unless you become a Christian which is just hilarious to me that they would do that but they would Okay we'll we'll get to the false even have to put off tomorrow actually WanNa talk about this instead. Because I'm talking about politics. We talk about other stuff. The era too many people just been all their time talking about politics about so much because I got this question and I've talked about it on my other show and I really talked about it here. governor got a listener and now I cannot remember who they are where they're from. I just got the email yesterday and then accidentally deleted it But I I wrote a note that needed to address the the issue is your kids in the Internet and we you know I've got a fourteen year old and I got eleven year old. And how do you deal with your kids on the Internet and they were looking for some advice on this issue for me in what I do and so I wanna walk you through what I do because this is growing issue for a lot of people As there so many bad things on the Internet and by the way we're really bad in our house our our kids probably use screens too much In fact with our eleven year old were beginning to think we need to just like take them away during the during the week and and I've got for cell we. We let our child using an hour a day. No no I mean. There are screens or our babysitters in our house. Let I'm just being honest with you. A were bad about it and and we will will write rules down and we'll enforce them for a while and then we get lax with our kids because we've got to really good well behaved kids Who generally do well in school are eleven year old needs? A little motivation are are fourteen year. Old Is is brilliant. And we we try to be with them but I'm increasingly concerned too. If we're honest about it a just the general stuff you get on Youtube and things in the stuff you can encounter the owner so we do a couple of things in our house first of all. We're in all apple family in our house we don't have any PC's or android devices in our house so that makes it somewhat. Different than apple has a very robust robust screen time program as long as your your devices are all up to date. You have access to screen time screen time can regulate the amount of time your kids are on. The computer can regulate the amount of time there on each APP on their phone or computer and you can override it it. It has override rules if your kids got to study for an exam or something you can let them be on for example the Internet longer or access certain websites but you could also restrict the websites and apple does a pretty good job of categorizing sites based on their family. Friendliness and you can block sites. That aren't very family friendly but the other thing we have is this device called a circle you can get it at best buy target and Walmart you can get it on Amazon. It's circle by Disney and the circle device is very very very easy to set up You just you plug it into the wall and you follow the APP and it will connect to your WIFI system and it will override override access to your Internet connection and regulated. So what you do. is you download the APP to..

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