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President Trump postponing the state of the union address before congress until after the government reopens ABC's. Janai Norman on the president's tweet following a back and forth. Jabs with Nancy Pelosi who disinvited Trump to speak. I am not looking for an alternate venue for the state of the union address because there is no venue that can compete with the history tradition and importance of the house chamber, the president went on to say that he looks forward to giving a speech in the near future. Pelosi tweeted back Mr President, I hope by saying your future. You mean, you will support the house pass package to end the shutdown at the Senate will vote on today. Pelosi referring to a Bill that reopens the government through February eighth a second Bill. The Senate is also set to vote on today includes five point seven billion for the president's border wall. Neither option is expected to reach the sixty threshold needed. CBS news poll finds about seventy percent of Americans do not believe money for a border wall is worth the. Shutdown and six in Tanzania. The partial shutdown is causing serious problems for the country. Michael Cohen is postponing indefinitely his testimony before congress next month through his attorney coinciding threats from the president who had this to say he's only been threatened by the Chesterfield splitting five precincts following crowding problems on election day. The board of supervisors voted unanimously to divide the janitorial iron bridge, skin quarter, south side and Winfrey's stores briefings following a county report that cited insufficient poll workers and check in stations. The entry precinct will will be kept whole. But the polling location is moving from Africa elementary to Virginia state university. A federal court choosing a house redistricting plan than UVA's. Larry Sabato says with nearly guarantee a democratic takeover of the house of delegates Republicans Kirk Cox and Christians would see the most significant partisan swings as the boundary lines move. A Florida man who was training to be a correctional officer accused of killing everyone inside a Bank in the town of c- bring about eighty miles south of Orlando. The police chief after the twenty one year old suspect was taken into custody. A swat team stormed inside and discovered the bodies after an assessment of the same. We're sorry. Learn that.

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