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Don't stop because you're tired or you're relieved or you're coming off an olympic gold medal The pressures of that their their dreams are in line with what i did which was to be a part of an olympic gold medal team. So when you think about that is helps you ease your way into giving them all of you. Because they're they're they're given given all of them to to me in our coaching staff coach. You've done this countless times. How would you compare over other than the terrifying. Climb to try to win the gold medal but just this olympic experience from from the others that you have had so different. The crowd being very limited. If at all Cova overriding everything. How how how do you compare. And contrast what you've experienced in your past actually was pretty boring but it was pretty boring because you you know we. We played japan twice. And i think them not having a crowd. Kurt them more than hurt us. But we were. We were prepared like you know. The wnba was in the wobble The summer before we were in the bubble in ncwa tournament. So i i knew what was to be expected with there being no crowd. No anything and we're locked down. You know in a hotel so that was pretty normal for what we've been through this this past year and a half well coach I'm glad you made it. I i don't think this. I don't think i could have talked to you. If you had wanted that we would have just been possible so Before you proud of you. Congratulations and i know you've had so many incredible memories of your olympic time and you're national championship and everything else you've done. This has to be Something that you'll never forget. Never thanks paul. Thanks for all ways up. Captured the moment And allowing us to relive it and it was a beautiful experience and we. We're glad to bring the gold medal. Our country great to have you can watch see you. thanks so much. Dawn staley Of all her accomplishments. She's now the head coach winning olympic champion in addition to being an assistant a couple of times a player a couple of times national champion. We will take a break. We have a lot to do here on a very busy thursday afternoon. We're coming right back listening to the paul. Finebaum show podcast. Goodyear believes in the power of moving forward. No matter if it's on the track the court.

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