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The player said afterwards and that is decided sleep until a check ian wright uh i mean he allow drama to creep into the super bowl week with one of his players on the defensive side of the ball and then took over the team's overall ability to execute because it was a problem in the minutes leading up to the super bowl i mean denny's denny's that is the opposite of do you and i don't i don't get it either i don't get how we could make the decision it feels it felt of sort of like this whole franchise tag rural recur cousins you're making a bad decision just doing it 'cause you're mad yeah and i mean if the patriots had a great defense if they had a dominant front seven it's okay well we can make malcolm butler because it's not gonna come down to one cornerback and maybe wouldn't have come down to malcolm butler he'd struggled all year maybe he would have been bad in this game too and necessarily think that he solve your problems but this is a patriots defence that was 31st and tv away they they were a bad defense this year and we saw it happens in the even in the jacks game play boroughs had a ton of success against annan until the jaguars really gave up and got very conservative with their play calling in the second half and i mean they were not a good match up for the eagles and they did not get pressure on him and they didn't have the horses to to leave one of their better starters on the bench in this is a team that johnson panamos he's a special teams guy he should not be playing regular snapped for you at slot corner uh in in the front seven james harrison who was get down the field for the steelers was cast off by them he played sixty eight a 75 slaps in this game he played over ninety percent of the defense of snaps and he had a play here there but it's not like he should be in every down outside linebacker at his age for your football team uh you had abandoned roberts playing more than fifty five percent of the snaps you had jordan richards who again is they safety who's not much more than special temur who was on the fielding got beat more than once eric.

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