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How are you guys doing? But before we just wanna do a check is everything is everything good there because of the storm I am inland so I could. Okay, good. Good, good. Just so we got lots of rain and we had a little bit of local stuff, but not nearly as bad as the kiss. Okay, wonderful. To hear that you guys are safe and sound so what's going on with your toddlers? He started to the week at school two, three weeks ago, three weeks ago and ever since then when he's home in a nightmare child. He's on the floor refused to go to bed like two and three hours at night screaming, but he only does it with me if he's if he's that. He's his normal stuff. What is with that? I go to visit my kids at school and they are angels in the teachers are like, okay, guys, hip hop it up time to clean up and the kids all get in line. And then when I get home, I'm like throwing things at him like cleanness up and he doesn't listen. What are they doing at school? I have no idea. I'm a former teacher and I still don't know the secret I need it. Okay. So this is, here's my take on this and. Kids are always going to be better for somebody other than their mother. It's just something that's programmed into their DNA like at birth. They're like, okay. Now anytime your mom says to clean up adamantly defy any time..

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