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That area. Recently. My GPS is all confused if I ever if I'm ever trying to use that figure out where to get off her on what's closed. What's not does? They can't keep up with now right now. That's it's you've got to look into signs it just look at the signs. Listen to Mary. Yeah. Exactly. President Trump's chief economic adviser told Fox News yesterday that both sides will suffer from the trade war experts say that American businesses and consumers will face higher prices on everything from computers to toilet paper. That's important too. Because that's not what the president has been saying. He's been saying that the consumers won't suffer generally. So Kudlow can put his foot in his mouth little yesterday on that. And he right, right. It's absolutely. Yeah. It's going to be an easy way to win. But we're going to be the consumers are the ones who are going to be hurt. Okay. There's bright note for a Monday morning. Mike Pompeo is scheduled to make his first trip to Russia. Secretary of state this week on the gender a discussion with President Vladimir Putin. Putin about different information efforts of before European elections. Coming up this month. Did you see the plane hockey? The he saw Russia. His teammates to keep him before. He hit the red carpet with his skates. It's hilarious. If you you know, I will post it on the Steve Cochran show Facebook page because regardless of what you think about ladder Putin. It's funny because he's skating, and then he hits I was the carpet down for puck drop or why I don't know why after the game. Oh, maybe it's for the post game interview or something. But he he ran into it and fell in. It's funny. Anyway, that is to get going this week. They visit by the secretary of state Chicago hospital emergency rooms could start seeing a new kind of patient those hurt after falling from tripping over or getting hit by those electric scooters and they're bringing the scooters to Chicago. And we talked about this a little bit last week. Number cities are ready have them in those cities have seen hundreds of injuries from broken arms to brain trauma. They have them the last place. I was that had them a lot of them is San Diego. Yeah. And I think there's a lot of them in Nashville to Austin. I think too that's in the what made what I found. Interesting is, you know, unfortunately, Walter Jacobson our own Walter Jacobson his wife fell walking her dog and Florida and she hit her head and then ended up passing away from brain trauma in. I think. That when you're falling off of these electric scooters getting hit if you hit your head. You gotta go to the doctor, but they're they're they're convenient. They're also pose a threat. They're not wearing helmets either helmets. And also they get kinda left all over the sidewalks. Real after watch your step wheelchair to another hazzard thing might trip over scooter one of the stars of television, and Mary you're too young to remember this Vandevelde tonight, certainly die. So depressed about this Hegi Lipton star of the mod squad. That's where I know her from also twin peaks died over the weekend at the age of seventy two. She was she was part of that triumvirate on the mod squad, which is a hit show in love with Michael Cole. There was Clarence Williams. The third third women link I forgot what my name was on the show but Peggy Lipton she was such a bad. You know, a SS. She was just she was just wonderful on this show. She never smiled. She just pulled a gun out. You know, she never knew where she was. And I loved her. And I know she's seventy two is young is. She looked beauty. Awful though, she was gorgeous seventy she was she was repeated Jones mom, I didn't Johns. Mom, she you know, she was married to Quincy Jones for years and she had those two beautiful daughters and repeated Jones was one of them. And she looks just like her. You know what? Now that you say that. Oh, yeah. Put the two of them together as a picture of the two of them. Yeah. We're talking about we missed a big win on Friday in this. This was a hero of mine. Jim fowler. Remember, Jim fallow? Forbidding while kingdom Marlin Perkins wild ride always on with Johnny Carson, right? He goes about the animals on Johnny Carson. He was the guy that Merlin Marlin Perkins. Always used to send out into dangerous dirty work. Go jim. Marla stayed back. Z GM was out there. But as a kid I used to watch mutual of Omaha wild king. What got me interested in animals? Love him. Is it natural causes or with? It was eighty nine years old. I think Peggy Lipton had colon cancer. I believe some kind of cancer and finally. Rid son Justin Trudeau in the second city audience Margaret Trudeau performed her one woman show, I guess this is the right title certain women of aid is the right title. And she was wearing jeans, and she was sick sipping like a beverage. It seemed like a really cool. I know that the kids were a little embarrassed by some of the stories she wish airing, but you know, he's he's going to be up for reelection. I dunno Steve might be in an election right now. But he's got some stuff going on. So just interesting that. It was cool that they were here to support their mom for her for show. A one woman show. They're like Canada's most famous family, so but it's going on. Yeah. That was yesterday. Next time. That's the top six..

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