A new story from Sarah and Vinnie


I can't. That's not bad. Can't get bad. Is it to you? That everything is nothing fuckin of you. I'm sure you know and not God issue a swell being a hood. So it doesn't matter because I'm so spending that text from I'm good at my distant sun that show the fear Then you know it's nothing for you. Can not bad is it? Nothing fuckin have you? I'm so sorry that my timing is off. But I can move on if we're still Is it wrong from needing? Uh what have you are good kids and modest and it sure feels that you know, means nothing fucking have you 22 Everything means something fuckin of Nothing means nothing can have you move on. Forget you Forget you Hold nothing can have you can too. Has been thin fuckin thing. There's nothin fuck can have you so did once or twice was So it starts to before. Bonds around crazy. So that this is a film with them. No cute. I'm going You. Hold the line. To buy the clothes. You coming? You kill me? Me. Yeah. Palace At 97 3 Cut from the ground to see your side into the eyes. You look away from me and I see this something You're tryingto high. Reach for your hand. What is called the way again? I wonder what son you're my high and then you shame me made it Don't mistake Starts to tremble in your voice begins to break you say cigarettes on account. You want your friends? They were my men on a few of the color drain from And my friends. It doesn't. It's never easy, cool. It'll be swabs to look back in over the messages she sent on. I know it was in right, but it was messing with my head. And everything deleted like tossed use. When I touched your face, I could tell you moving. It's not the fact that you kissed stimulus. Today. It's the feeling off trail. Just constant shape. Can everything on North tells me that I should.

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