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In the mail bag, James says. Hey, Ben, When would you consider Joe Biden and Kamila Harris president elected vice president elect is and when Trump concedes, or an electric meat or something else. Why is this your standard? So the answer is whichever happens first. So if somebody concedes then the person becomes president elect in all but legal fact because the person has now conceded right, there's no contest. It's sort of like if you plead guilty to a particular offends. You don't have to hold the trial. We understand if not, if Trump's not concede, then Biden becomes president elect when he literally becomes president elect, which is when the electors meet about It is the only objective standard when he becomes president elected is not when CNN declares it, it is not even in the states certify their votes. It is when the electors meet, and when they when they select Joe Biden, that is the only time he will be referred to on this program, or should be referred to frankly as President elect Joe Biden. Given the fact that again, there's a legal process in the same way that you are only declared a convicted felon in criminal court. If you have been convicted, you do not get to be declared convicted just because people think that you're guilty and you're not declared a president elect until you have actually been elected. And that doesn't happen until December 14th when the electors meet unless there's a preliminary concession, Mark Angela says. If conservatives cannot prove that mass voter fraud in this election with so much at a total evidence, how can we ever prove that mass censorship by big tech isn't big tech censorship? Also an extraordinary claim? Senator Hirono claims that there is no evidence. Well, I mean, we can certainly show you On the back and how we have been censored, right? We can see our traffic dropped precipitously. Also, you can see traffic drop precipitously whenever Facebook woman's on particular accounts when they censor somebody by literally banning them. That is a that is something that you can see right. That is over it and you can see it. The claim that Facebook Does not allow dissemination of any conservative material is obviously not true. But when when you're claiming discrimination by big tech against conservatives, you have to point at discrimination by particular company. So I have said, for example of Facebook that I think the evidence that they were suppressing all conservative message is leading up to the election was not true. There's only in the last week when they decided to openly suppress the New York Post story. And say that they were going to do so. And they started digging anybody on the right that Kevin Roose named that I could start claiming. Okay, well, now I have evidence that there is actual discrimination that is happening in my case, and I think more broadly, but I think more broadly is based on more evidence having to come in. So that that again, I think evidence is available there When it comes to voter fraud again. I've said all along there is evidence of voter fraud. The question of widespread systemic voter fraud is a bigger thing, and so far that has not yet been proved. Shauna says, Haven love the show in all the diversity. You guys give us a quick question. Why wasn't Governor Newsome and his dinner party gets arrested? It seems to me if alone paddle boarder out in the ocean be arrested for breaking a stay at home. And a truly our government leaders deserve the same treatment. Your thoughts. Well, it seems like he did violate his own orders there. I mean, you're not supposed to be doing that now. I don't know. If that's actually being enforced by law enforcement in the state of California. Enough has been criminalized or if it's just a mandate without any enforcement mechanism. It sort of depends on that. But If you're a criminal, then he certainly should be. He certainly should be arrested for violating the law. Time, says Hello, Ben. Now that probably Trump will not be president. But still orange Man bad until there's a new, bad man or woman, one of the chance he'll get the Nobel Prize for peace unlikely because Europeans don't like trump anymore than Democrats like Trump, because Europeans and Democrats are basically In the same boat on nearly everything. Aaron says You're Ben with regard to the allegations made by really Rudy Giuliani that over 600,000 votes in Pennsylvania were counted in violation of the laws of the state of Pennsylvania and then votes in Detroit were brought in encountered in Michigan. I wonder what your take would be in the U. S. U. S s see the Supreme Court applying a strict liability standard to state elections. More specific, I would say that doesn't seem to be much argument that in Pennsylvania, the poll watchers were kept so far away to do their job. And in Michigan, there's video evidence of the windows being covered. While counting was taking place in poll watchers were excluded. You said. You want actual proof of fraud before you'd overturning election? That's why we don't impose strict liability on a state. Well, the answer is because in order to impose strict liability on the state would make elections nearly impossible. There will always be individual instances of voter fraud when you're talking about 150 million votes being cast Across the country. The question is the remedy so Again. The idea of that 600,000 votes were all for Joe Biden or they were all counted. Wrongly. The evidence is not there for that. If you can point to specific instances in which people claimed voter fraud was happening, and then point to the systemic voter fraud happening from this particular supervisor, for example, then you could talk about it. But the invalidate 600,000 ballots because of that, I mean the most the best remedy that you could theoretically declare there even if you're going to declare such a remedy would be to have the 600,000 people vote. Again on. Presumably, the votes would come in very similarly, to the way they came in last time. I know extra voters. All the people who voted get to vote again and then we'll see whether they match up. But there's not a lot of I mean, even the Trump campaign didn't claim voter fraud in Pennsylvania. They just claim the devoted procedures were followed. Anthony says. Hey, Ben, I wanna get your thoughts on a disturbing trend. I am sure all conservatives have recognized during this pandemic. Americans believing we must give up our individual rights to save ourselves from covet. Consumers should be alarmed by this for a few reasons. One individual rights pre exist government. Those rights are not provided for by the government. The government is only instituted to protect those rights to America is calling for us to give up individual rights are breaking with traditional American values of resolve and toughness. What would happen if us was actually under attack by another country? Team a large portion of our country. We just say surrender to ensure survival. How can we start raising Americans to have more resolve and value their individual rights? Well, okay, So the truth is that in wartime, there are wartime measures that are taken the very often violated individual liberties. Sometimes there's rationing. Sometimes there's turn out the lights orders at night, right to see it happen a lot on the coast during World War two. Are always sort of collective measures that have to be taken in order Protective society. That's a balance that has to be very delicately drawn my problem with a lot of the cove ID restrictions that they have nothing to do with rational policy and that they're much more driven by political incentives so that your governor or your mayor concluded that they're fighting Kobe by doing stuff that violates individual liberties. Very much in favor of people, not paying attention to orders that seemed to be in violation of reason. If these orders are just violent of of reason, generally, then they are violative of individual rights. That's particularly true if you have leaders were not abiding by their own rules..

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