Patten, Eisenhower, Hitler discussed on War Stories w/ Oliver North


But three months later muckraking journalist drew pearson leaked the story and it made headlines congress ouled for patten's resignation eisenhower hit the make one over most crucial personnel decisions that he ever made a life your andrew apologized to soldiers he did and the doctors correct and patten voluntarily apologizing troops i haven't heard in order that this is a photo of patent apologizing to the first infantry division on twenty seven august 1943 but the two flap against nearly cost him his career hitler launches a massive counterattack in the are debt against all odds patton's third army breaks through the best own that's next on war stores august 1943 in the wake of the slapping incidents patten was in the dog house eyes now we're took away his seventh army and ordered him to remain in sicily a bitter george patton wondered if he'd ever fulfill his destiny he at one point says a year ago i can hand it three divisions now i commend little more than my dignity after five frustrating months in exile patent finally got the call to come to a meeting with eisenhower in england and when he arrives they said were giving you command a third armed you're not going to lay the d day invasion he would have been the commander of of the american invasion force but because of what he did they felt that they could not allow him to do that in the meantime his subordinate omar bradley gets.

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