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Or eighty eight 88 ask leah rod is next for melting down by google dow google away ira how are you well how are you good i got a thirteen year old granddaughter perfect choice at put up a card cry over at work or if could it will very good choice now we're pera call me to put up critical control living in arlon letting labat out alert also limiting employed you too so let's see could only be appropriate video good news um so i was wondering what political control up he looked amen clinton well have you tried the built in settings i mean the multi youth during that would be one and then there's g the google place of got a lot of a lot of is limited were duly code laura i would hope we at an app you have to approve yeah yeah use alluded or fulton yeah for a lot of parents that's the main one is to keep them from buying stuff but if they want to like restrictor access probably the this is an interesting question at home it's easy to do what you do it at the route her but it will as soon as you turn off wifi she can access anything she wants right pulling the school so google i would get i still would use the the google solutions to the degree you can go had something i haven't tried it called family link at least they announced it i think it's but it it limited so let you could all use it poor kids but a leftover thirteen or you.

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