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Advisors more than he did lay that's typical they get their speed and so in montgomery blair to great names montgomery blair and francis blair montgomery blair was the younger and he was the postmaster general he had a good relationship with lincoln but when he found out that lincoln was going to abandon fort sumter this is give or take a april ninth the shooting started on the twelfth give or take a day when he found out he said well that's it they'll have my resignation as soon as my hand can righty i'm out of here i'm gonna resign gonna let lincoln no you're doing the wrong thing and i feel so strongly about this and i'm gonna resign you know i'm gonna resign and then gideon welles the secretary of the navy grabbed him by the back of the coat and said hold on a second let me talk to your dad about this that was his his father was a francis blair will the foul went probably the founder of the republican party was a candidate for president eighteen fifties very respected by mr lincoln always was he's just won a venerable name and so the next day francis blair went in and had a talk with lincoln and and gideon welles was there to watch the whole thing and it was like a macarthur speech he's pacing the rome man i get choked up just thinking what he's pacing the room giving a speech our country depends on this the union must be preserved we can't allow them to do this you know fifteen twenty minutes speech and then lincoln's just sitting there and finally by golly you're right you know lincoln lit up like a candle and he got up and he changed his mind we're not going to abandon for defend for sumter and this man's speech changed the world those little moments those little moments i mean to be a fly on the wall in that room to be able to go back in time and see that everything changed base in that speech in a manner of speaking.

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