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Forty two degrees. However, the real feel temperature just thirty three sunny breezy chilly with a high of fifty three today wins news time, eight forty seven the midterm elections are two weeks from tomorrow and President Trump this week steps up campaign events with the first of four in Houston today. He'll attend a rally for Senator Ted Cruz who's locked in a tight race with democrat Beto Aurore. Correspondent Paula Farris reports the president and crews have a history going back to the two thousand sixteen presidential campaign when Mr. Trump called cruise lying, Ted. There was some hurt feelings and some false accusations. But I asked both Ted Cruz about it. I asked his father Rafael, Chris in his father said look, we have a country to save and we have a state to save. He says we're going to put those differences aside and stand shoulder to shoulder. Pretty unbelievable considering what was said the Trump campaign announced it has moved today's rally from an eight thousand seat arena to the Toyota center, which could seat up to nineteen thousand because of high demand. Officials say there were one hundred thousand requests online for tickets wins. News time, eight forty eight. President Trump on the campaign trail in Nevada over the weekend threatened. He will seal off the border to stop a caravan of seven thousand migrants from entering the US. He has just tweeted about this again saying, sadly, it looks like Mexico's police and military are unable to stop the caravan. The president writes, criminals and unknown middle easterners are mixed in. He continues I have alerted border patrol and military that this is a national emergency must change laws. Exclamation point writes, the president. So the migrants have been continuing their March from Honduras through Guatemala and now into Mexico traveling with them correspondent Matt Cup. And by the thousands footsore Central American migrants heading towards the US from the town of Sudan Hidalgo were so many illegally crossed into Mexico twice. Mexican. Riot. Police deployed in force. Mexican authorities.

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