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But we don't want to hold you up. Ross, please come back Any time, my friend. Jason, You know how to forget me. Just DME and I'll call in any time. You have a question. I'm your man. Okay? And I cannot wait to come back into you. You know how much I love it there. I'm love all you all They have to see you in person to we can't wait and congratulations on everything. I'm so I'm so just genuinely happy for you, Ross. Thank you coming over and watch me on the Newbury. More show to Yeah, I'm on that show every day now, too, was not fun. You're so busy girl. You're so busy. So go be busy. We'll talk to you soon. Okay? Love you guys. I love you. Bye, Ross. There's Ross Matthews. Everybody. He's right Drug Drew Barrymore show and RuPaul's drag race. Good guy. Good guy. It's funny. You know, when he was on the ladder, I will I I won't forget this interaction that we had. And I think it was off camera actually was during a commercial break. He was physically on the set of the Jason Show. And we did we basically where he was there for the hour. And we were talking about, um, the pressure. We we feel as gay men looking a certain way, and I had asked him about that. I said, Well, not only are you a gay man, but you're a public gay man. You're you're a national Gay media personality, and I said, What is that? Like for you, and he looked at me. And he goes. Oh, I don't worry about that. And it was interesting. I didn't And I don't mean this starkly. I mean this with care. I didn't buy it like I I knew that health was a concern for him. And it was just you know what I mean? I I It was an interesting interaction, and then we talked more about it. And the fact that there is added pressure. Um, that some I were not a monolith, but some in the gay community. Put on appearance on. Especially wait. Especially wait. Um, and he knows it better than most. So when he started this journey this year, I was so happy for him because I know it means a lot to him. And you could tell by his answer right there. That it does doesn't did and just focus on health, Not necessarily What you looking at me once you don't want you hone in on that it's just much more powerful. And he's so right. It's what's between your ears. It's mental. That really keeps you where you want to go. Where you think you want to go s O then. Yeah, binge or deprive, or, you know whatever. You're stuffing you can control. Yeah. Instead of dealing with your feelings, your stuffing it you're you're you're defusing it by corn ships and Tortorella's burritos. 41 so good though. They're so intelligent. You're so good. They are the work of Satan. They really are 8 41. When we come back, we'll continue our conversation about forced movie reviews right after this. Another lorry and Julia moment. Hey, bought Kim five Mercedes may box, but she bought him several James Terrell.

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