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Gosh. My favorite salt tactic making noises that Dylan will have to decide if he wants to edit out. Let's see. I'm trying to think like amongst the beats who we have on fairly regularly for season previews. Susan slesser. Susan schlosser. I'm gonna do a control S oh no, that's not a good sign. 7 times, correct. Okay. Still alive. Rob Arthur, rob Arthur ten times. And you went too quickly. Think of someone else, wow, who writes about baseball, you know? Like who cares about Kylie mcdaniel? Kylie mcdaniel 7 times. Oh, that's a good one. All right. I'm gonna run out of draft adjacent people very soon. Boy, okay. RJ Anderson? 5 times. Oh, okay. Wow. Good pick. And we need to have RJ on more, too. Uh, Jake mince. Jake mince 5 times. Oh boy. I'm gonna say you guys are doing great at this. I was really afraid that we were gonna get two names in and be like, oh, that person was like four times. Well, on to the next segment. Okay. Keep singing higher. Oh, we'll leach. Will each to all 11 times? Okay. Oh boy. I'm gonna take the other half of the suspect as family barbecue, Jordan schusterman. Jordan, she's your man. Two times. Oh no. Goodbye, Meg. Oh, I said 7 62 and 1730. Can I ask a clarifying question? Did you track them as individuals and then also assess what his family barbecue? No, I tracked, if they appeared as cesspit as family barbecue, I gave them both credit for an appearance. Okay. I was just curious. Can't get yourself out of that elimination. People near the top that were left off this round, Zach lavine, 14 times, Michael Fowler. David Roth is in here as well, 6 times for David rob. And of course, yeah. Joe Sheehan. Aaron Glen, that's a seasoned preview series one right there. Rob neyer, Levi weaver, Nick porco, Alex spire. Rob means 5 times near the bottom. Other people that were only 5 rob mains, Bradford William Davis, Patrick Dubuque, Adam sabzi, Tim britton, Mark keurig Carson to stewie and Harry politis, Paul vitas, I think. Yeah. So yeah, there are 48 people who have appeared on the show at least 5 times. Wow. And that spreadsheet will be released to everyone after the conclusion of this show. All right. But yeah, Russell Carlton, grant brisby and Eric long and Hagen are tied with the most appearances with 18, but Eric is going with a blistering pace because Eric didn't make his first appearance until episode 1002, whereas the energy had been appearing long before that. So Eric is almost certainly going to pass them by pretty soon is if he continues with his high quality prospect information. Yeah, we can say he'll appear later this week as we recap the machines. So I'm not going to do this one, but the next thing I want to share is emails, emails, huge part of the show. There have been 2000 623 emails on the show. According to Ben's quasi official email question database. And my favorite fun fact about this is that the second email ever was read on episode 77, and it was sent in by a man named Mike, who started off by praising the podcast for its lack of fluff. And thank God for all of us that you didn't stick with that trend. We're fluffy. Yeah, very, very fluffy. Yeah. And that's one of the things that I love about the show the most. My favorite memory is working outside on the yard and hearing the third arm conversation. And just laughing at the storm while trying to rake and everyone's looking at me like, what is wrong with you? And I'm like, I will never be able to explain this. I think it would be way easier if you had a third arm. Yeah, it would be. Yes. All right. Next question, let's get into drafts. You have drafts of everything. Competitions. These stats that I'm about to go into, which is surrounding the minor league free agent draft. These stats do not include 2022 as that would require doing stat research to verify the correct the current progress of this year's picks and I am not an actual staff nerd I just play one on podcasts. Over the history of the minor league free agent draft. There have been 193 picks made by people that were actually on the show, not the random pick that was made just to compare. Out of those a 193, how many actually recorded a plate appearance or a batter faced for the season they were picked. Auction mode and Dylan, we will start with you. I know the least about it. The hit rate of the minor league free agent draft out of a 193 is the question. Yeah, so how many of those actually recorded a plate appearance or a batter faced? Actually hit at all. Like a third. I'm going to are we doing minor dice going up? Yeah, we're doing lines just growing up. I'm going to start at 60. 60. All right, Ben. I guess I'll take the overall, although not much over. So pick a higher pick a pick a number. Okay, I guess 61. That is a valid pick. Not to be that guy, I guess I'll just go a little higher, obviously, 65. 65 Meg. What was the total number again? A 193. 71. 71, Dylan. Now I'm a little boy. To get a single flight appearance, or better face. Yes. No, it's hard in that, even though I already said 60. Why are we doing a second round of guesses? We made our guess. You gotta keep pushing it. That's liar's dice. I already sunk myself. It's the I'm playing against myself here, Ben. I have the opportunity to lose myself. Let's say 75. 75, Ben. Is this just like how peer pressured you can be? Yes. Well, you can call Dylan's bluff. You can say it's too high. I will do that then. Okay, well, then you lose because the answer is 92. Really? 47.6%. I feel like a lot of them get a sniff, right? Get a cup of coffee. So fun fact about the minor league free agent drafts. The second best pick in any minor league free agent draft was made by Sam Miller in the 6th round of the 2018 edition when he took wade Leblanc. Here we go onto a mass 662 plate appearances that season, which would have been enough to win the minor league free agent draft every single time it's ever been played on the show. That single pick. The best pick, however, was in the very same round only two picks later, which Ben made Ben do you remember who you picked? Nope. Williams asked to do. Oh, of course, okay. That's the best pick. According to my measuring stick. Which is it was Williams asked to do. All right, how appropriate? Okay, so our last liar's dice is going to be about the season preview series. The season preview series is one of my favorite times of year. Wait, hold on, 2018 Williams has the deal? 2018, Williams has to deal. That's the information that I have. Am I wrong? He only got 97 plate appearances that year. I wish he was. I said, it was the best pick by my measurement. By my measurement is that it was William to be sentimental then. Sentimental. Thank you, Meg. I knew that you would understand. All right, so season preview series. Season previous series has been run over 9 years, I think. And a lot of people have come on and at the end, there's always the tradition of asking people how many wins do you think this team will have? And it's always a local beat writer who has to be diplomatic but honest and give a thorough accounting. What is the most number of wins that have predicted by a guest that was still less than the actual win total for that team that year?

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