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Is really backed up. I'm good with that. Yeah. There you go. What's the actual traffic though? Yes, it is. It is a traffic. Fact. I would never tell you that the dam road is backed up if the dam road wasn't backed up. See it's fine. I like it. It's fine. It is it's one of those little things we get away with like watching monsters Inc with kids and laughing at things they don't understand. We've got ourselves. A boy that was a dated thing. We've got a semi rolled-over. Eastbound I seventy eastbound I seventy it's on that ramp. But the good news is it's not blocking the lanes. It went off onto the right shoulder. Eastbound to seventy is heavy from I seventy sixty cherry creek dam road is doing good this afternoon. As is your drive down south really pretty light traffic around the metro area. Looks like the crash on to seventy after yorker has been cleared in the one downtown northbound I twenty five at thirty eighth Park Avenue. That's also gone, but you're heavy from Santa Fe that downtown drive is pretty backed up northbound and southbound and most of your roads this afternoon are in pretty decent shape. Just wet right now a lot of slush on the shoulders in the intersections on the secondary roads. We do have new crash just coming in. It's on the ramp from Paco's onto westbound is. Seventy six that ramp is blocked your CBS, four weather snow ending after midnight tonight down to twenty five becoming sunny tomorrow and a high of thirty seven it's thirty two right now. This report is sponsored by so Vania automotive. So vain you're always looking to improve their headlights tail people see farther and drive safer. So they developed their silver star ultra headlines to have greater clarity and the brightest road visibility. So now, you can see what you've been missing. So Vania gets farther down the road next update. Three thirty KOA. Newsradio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather station..

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