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You know, we hit millions of people throughout Texas and coast to coast. I I could sit here for three hours and do nothing. But read headlines about police officers being assaulted, being shot at being killed. God forbid, as a matter of fact that David Prince The owner of Ego gun range here in Dallas. He and I are very good friends and Every time an officer falls in the line of duty. David and I team up to raise money for for the family and thank God we haven't had to do that. Um But you know, I hold my breath every time I check the news every single day. Mike Mata, president of the Dallas Police Officers Association, is here. Due to speak on this and Mike. I mean, we know what the problem is, You know, quiet exist. I think we all have different opinions. But what can we do? What can be done? To protect officers. And I know that sounds odd because they're the ones protecting us. But what can we do as as a city as a state as a country to protect the police officers that are putting their lives on the line? Well, I think we have to take an active role in changing this narrative that every officer is out there to harm people into murder people in the streets, which is completely untrue. You know, we also need that, like you said earlier. We need the community meets the citizens to take an active role to stop some of this violence. You've got these incidences that are occurring. They're not occurring in a vacuum. There often are a lot of people around. When this violent violence escalates to the point of somebody pulling out a weapon, and the first thing people do is pull out their cell phones rather than try to stop it and try to prevent it from occurring. And lastly, I think we have to support our officers and not and every time they're in a shooting, don't just assume that it's a horrible shoot. Um, that you know that the officer was wrong, and the judge the officer too harshly too quickly. Because the problem is, as you can see in these numbers. I think a lot of this is that the officers are hesitating. We're having more officers shot because they don't want to be that next guy. Gets involved or girl who gets involved in a in a shooting and their whole life is ruined. And the next thing you know they're looking at going to prison and a lot of times way more often than not just for doing their job doing what they swore to do. And that is protect the public. I think it was no more obvious than that officer who unfortunately had to kill that teenager who when he arrived At a at a cutting call. He observed one person attempting to kill another, and he had to make a decision in seconds and the first thing you hear the narrative of across the country. From social justice, warriors and athletes and want to be politicians and law enforcement experts is that the officer was wrong. Here we go murdering a young team. And it destroyed that officer and his family and his reputation. Unfortunately, and I think we see it every day. Whether their community activist or social justice leaders, or, uh, whatever it happens to be, officers are being used as a commodity, um to further a narrative or an agenda. Which is just patently false. And you know whether you're liberal conservative Democrat Republican. We've got to rise above of the rabble rousing by the community activists and all the rest and say, Hey, These people get up every single day. They don't want to die. But if they have to to protect my life when they don't even know me, That's what the job consists of. We need to take a real hard. Look at what policing is Not. What some, uh You know, empty, too. And, uh, some office, um, with with an elected position on his front desk says it is. We need to look at what it really is not what people want us to believe it is. And I don't know how you educate people like that, Mike. It's tough. It really is tough because, like you said, many times on your show, we have people who make a living. Out of chaos. We have people who make a living out of the heartbreak in just horrible murders that happened in the street and then they turn around and try to make a dime off it. Um, and until we as a as a Community and and as a as humanity, called those people out for what they are, and they are doing nothing but making money off the backs of, uh sworn officers who are out there trying to do the right thing and poor families who have lost their loved ones, and it's just wrong. No. All right. I don't know. We've never talked to spiritually, but I got to think there's a hotter place in hell for people to do that. Um, Mike, it's always a pleasure. What do you have going on? I know you're a busy guy. Well, not too much this week. You know, we're steadfast, working hard to try to bring down this crime. We have brought down violent crime. Um, uh, some percentage point. Obviously, it's going to get a little rougher as summer. Continues to go and it gets a little bit hotter. But Dallas officer is going to be out there doing their job. They're going to be able to protect the public doing what's necessary to try and keep this violent crime down and prevent any more. Needless deaths in the streets, But again, we need to. We need the community. They didn't look in the mirror to just like police have to look in the mirror. Citizens need to look in the mirror and say, What can they do to help Stop this violent crime and murders in the streets? A six year old child should not have to die again..

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