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For everybody. So it's a it's a very cool time. We don't need to go there. New Japan keeps grinding obviously with your self. Someone of your caliber coming out hit helps it helps us out here as well to make it even bigger. So then. Yeah, it's it's easy for guys to stay here without having to examine else. Whereas, oh, and and also like people off the NAS, and they get the guys that go there though, every now and then they'll miss the, hey, if you wanna come and just let me know. And then I'm like, I'm right? Thanks, go. I don't want to you know, seventy guys sign early. And then they stay down. And the the development o in exterior would have a full for however long just as the so many people there feels like these days. Looking the same style to like this. The thing about coming here or England all these places is you're not just getting just getting life experience bringing experience but learning different ways to get over in different styles of work at all that makes you a better more valuable performer, the guys that have been overhead tend to do a little bit. If they do end up going as well, that's that's how that always always wicks out. So like any other like vs on Indies and stuff like who? I'm gonna go there like s Cohen this issue. Like a big name. You just going to be there? Nothing. I feel so you you charge is because you can't come out to places like this. And instead, but yeah. And also been how they brought me up for the DOJ. Oh, and the in Japanese stalling I'm very loyal to them. The fact that they gave me that in the gave me excursion the re gave me these changes these new Japan. Yeah. Exactly. So. Yeah. As like as far as I'm here, And and that's kind kind of of last last question. question for what's your favorite match. You've ever had. Famous of head for different ones for different reasons. Like if it's going to fan reception and stuff or fit small like what's like won't personally. Yes. I like the Osprey one of our awaits. That was probably at the time that was like a standout, and like made a lot of other people they ever knew your spray was not so much myself symptoms of fan reception. That was that was right up there. And that was one of the first ones like that. Then also David Findlay, actually, one of my favorite probably be against Finley at a car. Can we might have ended? So when I the US bell, we had we had a match tomato Corcoran. So that was that was really cool from any of the DOJ together. An opening Corcoran singles matches as young boys together. That's cool. So that was a very special on and in a no, so the one with juice at San Franco's again, we were in the dugout together. Yeah, he's in. And then we have that again that match a San Fran which I don't think it did a lot better than it should have in terms of. I think it was the fans felt that as well. We managed to build it up pretty good. And then we we get over there. And it kinda, you know, the reception to two of us was was more than I expected to be honest. So that was that was another big one there as well. So I think those two just from the background of it as well the story behind. Yeah. Yeah. I guess if there's one more would be back juvenile guy Agyei bra RJ brewer, I used to wrestle something else is in our wage back in the day. I think but he's he's buddies with my rookie mirror and stuff say we did the first New Zealand show in two thousand sixteen and the reason I say this was because as fist time my family got to see me say that with new Japan it was organized by folly. But it wasn't you. Yes. Japan Gaza our away skies, and it was in a building in New Zealand where I used to work at as bossed off at concerts, and my old boss was his offense. Also came to see me. So that was a cool one. Ed, my family there being in in building. So that was that was an Colin as well. Last night with Okada. Awesome. Matt probably got to do this, dude. Yeah. Me too. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you for having me on..

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