A Year And A Half, Two Jars, Two Components discussed on Green Wisdom Health Podcast by Dr. Stephen and Janet Lewis


We started with sports The product that we have that you helped us combined is called. sbi spore immunoglobulins. Can you talk about a little bit about we. Some some of you guys are are used to the sbi support it's our powder. I literally have a guy that comes here and said my bowel movements. Were not right for a year and a half. Don't you ever run out of this product. And he buys two jars of at a time I've tried to hook him over to the sba sport they can. Maybe he was missing a little bit there. You can't talk him out of it. I mean literally it's like you're going to arm wrestle him down in the store She does whereas. Can you tell us why. The combination of the sbi with the spore. What the what they do. I guess why they're combined absolute so think of think of sbi so these are serum derived bovine immunoglobulins. They are they're cleaning crew that you're putting in your gut looming and they're buying binding to all different types of of bacteria two components of bacteria to talk sense to digest foodstuffs and they're helping with elimination. They're keeping these things from accessing the immune system so the thought process behind combining spores with fbi is at spores or very very effective at eradicating bad bacteria. Doing so they're killing off these bacteria. And anytime where you're using spores or using antibiotics or you. Using some type of natural antimicrobials spores are really important part of this conversation because as these bacteria are dying off their breaking apart and they're releasing all their innards which are very very toxic and really potent immune stimulator so they. Can you know you talk about what's called the her timers responds or the Die off affect a lot of times people will get Concomitant flu like symptoms associated with any type of killing protocol s. I is there to help bind up all of these things that are being released by bacteria that are breaking down and removing them harmlessly from.

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