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He saw the man with the is he was in the aircraft staring at Barney Barney thought that he looked like a captain with his black uniform and scarf. He looked like a Nazi those is there in my brain. He thought the once more he was frozen. God give me strength. He didn't have any money. He didn't have anything the is seared themselves into his brain. Just keep looking just keep looking, and then he was floating his arms moved out to his side's his legs dangled beneath him now his eyes closed, but he could feel his feet bumping against pebbles in the road. And then the smooth medal of a ramp. They were taking him aboard. Dr Simon briefly ordered Barney depaz he needed to switch the tape in his recorder. Simon did. So and they resumed inside the craft Barney could only imagine what was going on as he kept his is sealed shut or as far as he knew the alien was making him keep his eyes shut the cold metal of an operating table rose to greet him as he finally laid down on his back as he went to stretch noticed that his feet dangled off the end of the table his anxiety. Suddenly swelled once more as he realized they aim to operate on him. I don't want to be operated on he slurred. Then there was a strange sound followed by a stranger sensation as some sort of cylindrical device. Cupped his genitals before he could cry out. He felt a tube inserted into his Eureka through. There was the sensation of ejaculation. And then nothing it would seem that this particularly distressing part of the procedure is where Barneys memory of the incident ended. Even under hypnosis. He had no recollection of seeing Betty aboard the craft nor could he speak to how he went from the exam table to back in his car driving toward Portsmouth the session had therefore been both a success and failure Simon told Barney that he could now wake up, but that before he did. So he was to forget everything. Barney blinked back into the waking world feeling as if he had only just arrived in the doctor's office. Dr Simon had clearly established that Barney had experienced a trauma and on some level Barney associated that trauma with alien abduction. But Simon was far from being convinced of life from other worlds. There was a definite racial element to Barney's entire story. Could he be completing his fear of experiencing racism with some sort of shared delusion of aliens? But then again, how could post office dispatcher from New Hampshire dream up such an elaborate and specific fantasy Dr Simon had no. No, easy answers to these questions. But he knew that potential further. Clues lied, not only within Barney's mind, but within the mind of his.

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