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Vale Road. A pike also looking good in from the West as our routes to and nine at this point, Laurie Grant w. P. Z's traffic Other three right there. Laurie, now the W B Z four day AccuWeather forecast still pretty chilly out there this morning in different spots, especially if you're out towards Wooster heading west out on the Mass pike in parts of Western Mass are under the freezing mark right now, but many of us Teetering around 40 degrees warmer as you head off to the coast in different parts of eastern mass right now, but nevertheless will be getting up to a high of 68 degrees this afternoon. Good deal of sunshine out there is it'll feel warmer than it did yesterday, and that's a trend that will keep up as we head towards Wednesday into Thursday for tomorrow. Back up into the upper seventies, it will officially be the first full day of autumn. For tomorrow. Today we cross over into the September equinox in around 9 30 this morning, So tomorrow will be the first full day and we'll be feeling like summer into the upper seventies and then Thursday, we'll start to see those clouds rolling but still warm high of 78 degrees Friday. Get up to 75 with a good deal of sunshine around as well. Right now we're at 37 degrees in Beverly. We're at 38 Holden Right now. In Brockton 38 degrees and in Boston. We're at 48 degrees. Partly cloudy skies. It is 5 35 now on W B C NEWS Radio. One U S airline is getting ready to retrain its pilots on the Boeing 7 37 Max as the plane is making its way towards re certification after two deadly crashes grounded a plane year and a half ago. And more from ABC is Alex Stone. In a company memo obtained by ABC News. American Airlines. Pilots are told that the Boeing 7 37 Max is expected to return to service.

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