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At punchestown when he was seven weeks from the banger doyle What's he like at home. And is he likely to travel cheltenham. I don't know what her name is on the agenda for. He's kind of he's he really really is a horse for the future. He's a he's staying chaser He's he's lows of ability he's He's a gentleman of the horse. He raised as a little bit behind blade. Land and you know that's that's a great sign for going forward as conservancy energy and Y- i was delighted with a christmas. It was a phony little race. Augury mcmahon's horse kind was making a own damn another harskamp to take him on any kind of got a little bit of iran on my heart's picked him up unkind worn snug enough in the end but aubrey's horses a since commotion on won a maiden hurdle in Soul deforms doctor began. You're not up yeah and oil is after you know. He's he's come forward as well he won't. He's bumper imports town again the next day. So dot farm is very very strong. Look i don't know whether we go to cheltenham. Bush is a horse that couldn't go for winners bumper again in alexa ferry. Howson and maybe look forward to all companion next year. Okay so fairyhouse could be more on his agenda as opposed to the gentleman festival at pitt potentially look at. I don't know who will. I say we're going to work a few horses this week. Unsee where we're at the garden on a nolan valerie inactivate decisions. The smile nod us He's entered for the future stars bumper..

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