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Fuck the media yeah fuck you media i'm not talking about podcasts right i'm not talking about people that right i'm not talking about real journalists okay that right think pieces or whatever well no i am i guess are the worst i said that wrong look god bless if you write a men's fashion spread for g q or you know you write an article about you know what's that makeup shop in the mall sa four sephora for for glam magazine i know you don't have a girlfriend yes well also you you you see in the multiple holes i've drilled drove into my wall the i'm also sitting betwixt to fullsize gaming system i'm not talking about anybody that does anything publicly i'm talking about these people that are out there trying to tell the public how they should feel or think or nudged them in a certain direction which is most of the media and it's it's fucking disgusting man it's like stop it it's just a story for them it's yellow journalism all over again you're all william randolph hearst you're off fucking alarmist you're all disgusting people and i don't give a fuck if you're sitting there going you know what man i look i don't make the rules i just follow all nazis marched for hitler fuck you i'm tired of the fucking excuses you're either part of the problem or you're not part of the problem and if you're the person i'm referring to right now you're part of the fucking problem stop it stop it they won't stop it this as a matter they're not going to stop they just throw these grenades up because everybody clicks on them and then but you wind up.

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