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More topics, of course. Uh, frequently. We talk about metabolic syndrome. This is something that's happening more and more over time, and you have to expect this because Metabolic syndrome, of course, is elevation of blood sugar, blood pressure, excess body fat around the waist high cholesterol, high triglycerides there many things that go along. With this, and of course, it was given a name. These are not Things that are the entirety of the problem occurring these air. Just the common things that doctors like to put a. You know a tag on. I think when you look at high blood pressure, got back pressure on your heart. So you might end up having some Hypertensive heart phenomenon. Your ventricle left ventricle might get a little bigger because it's pushing up against pressure. That's a normal Consequence, The high sugar can also damage your blood vessels, as in addition to other components of plaque I think his well. When you have high cholesterol, Of course that's going to add to pluck but the blood sugar elevation. Can get you to make more insulin. Knock your sugar down and sugar puts instant put sugar into your The lining of the blood vessels. So that could also contributed plaque but also could make you anxious, irritable, panicky make you crave foods and carbohydrates. So it's this weird, vicious cycle. Having too much carb. Will make you want to eat more and more carb. And that brings up your cholesterol. Trackless fries, your weight, blood pressure. So this is something that I've been talking about, I think every day You know, since I've been in practice because we see so much of this Of course, changing the mechanism is important, and we've always been talking about cutting the carbs doing the exercise, eating small meals throughout the day. Um, correcting hormone decline, which helps to burn fat, correcting vitamins. So this is a very changeable thing. I've had patients that were put on diabetes medication. Because they told they were told they had either metabolic syndrome. Or they had insulin resistance or glucose intolerance. This is not something that you want to use medications for and not change. The underlying cause is so very important to understand that this is changeable, fixable. Of course, we have people coming in, just with high cholesterol and just with overweight issues. So Even when these things stand alone, we have to act upon it and change it before they start to work together. And cause significant damage. There are many people who may have changes in their heart or their valves and not realize it. You don't have to have, you know, crushing chest pain. Have blockage in your blood vessels. That just means the question chest pain is that Peter, you've thrown a clock. Where there's blockades there. So realistically, you want to understand your body before you get to the bag zone, And then we have to work 10 times harder to try to reverse the damage. That's already there. So prevention Zwart the most important things of all. Okay. You want to get a phone lines are open 1 808 for eight W A B C 1 808 for 89222, and we'll get your coals right up on the air. This is a live program, so feel free to give us a chat. Interesting research on official supplementation when we know it's good. In terms of anti inflammatory properties. It's good to lower Craig Lyssarides. This is a great study it talks about. Helping to stabilize irregular electrical flow or a regular beat three atrium of your heart. This is a great randomized, double blind controlled study involving people that had atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter. And those people were obviously trying to get back to what they call normal Sinus rhythm, the normal heartbeat that you might see on a TV program already kg. You know when that Peter's just perfectly In perfect cadence, so using fish oil helps to stabilize the irregularity or some of the Of abnormal extra beats of the heart. And this is AH great study published in a prestigious journal. And, uh, Journal of heart Cardiology. But important to understand that Once you test your vitamins, and you find two things, your body has a much better chance of helping regulate itself. As well. Great literature on supplementation with the herbal formula combination may help to reduce breast cancer risk. This is a great study as well. And talks about women that are premenopausal postmenopausal in this study. And they were looking at supplementation within dull three carbon all Which comes from, you know great green leafy vegetables and broccoli and brussel sprouts and such. Milk Thistle should Sandra, which is an adapted adapted gin and stinging nettle. And the individuals that were in this study had a variety of blood test done, and they were looking at the breakdown components of estrogen. And they saw that they had a far greater breakdown of the estrogen and therefore taking away or decreasing the breast cancer risk. For those people that may have estrogen related cancers, so great great information. Once again phone lines are believed like to call. Do so now. 1 808 for eight w A B C 108 for 89222. Other great studies about retinal beta carotene, of course. Vision. Cardiovascular disease and cardiovascular risk. In a study of individuals that were obese. 49% diagnosis metabolic syndrome. As we mentioned levels of beta carotene were found to be almost Unseen. And as the higher debate via my the the weight and body fat percentage, the lower the concentration of the vitamins. So correcting the vitamins very important for antioxidant protection. Very important for immune response. And again. As you start to pull out the components that create this metabolic problem. The metabolic syndrome cut the carbs. Kick up the exercise. Correct the hormones, vitamins. Then you start to see all of these parameters changed. So this is something that we've done A great deal of And you know, have continued to do for us many years I've been in practice. 32 years now. So it's all about tweaking your diet, making it work for you not just randomly eating things, and even if they're good things, there's some people that Or eating foods that are good, but they're having way too much carbohydrate. We see this often when people want to make this movie For their drink. In the morning of costs. Smoothie can taste great, but if you're loading up with 100 G of carbs, you just you're way over doing it. And then you're making a lot of insulin. You're knocking you sugar down. And in doing that, you'll feel tired and a key, but all that sugar is just way too much for your body to handle. We're not meant to have that much sugar. All it was Some people will put in some green some broccoli, some celery. Then, of course, they may throw in an apple or banana they may put in Kale. But putting all that fruit in becomes a big problem. Because two exposures of 30 G of carbon 60 G. Of carp in one drink. So you don't want to have all of that sugar? You might wanna have half an apple. Per se, and then put your greens you could put Berries in it. You can put Variety of things. Just not all of that sugar. Because the sugar exposure becomes overwhelming, and then people get hungry throughout the day, and they tend to eat more. And there go the calories and there is the increase in carbohydrate as well. Consumption of leafy vegetables and olive oil may reduce the risk of carny heart disease in women. Another great study American journal Clinical Nutrition. 29,689 women. In this study. And they were looking at a significant inverse association between the vegetables and olive oil, the risk of heart disease. No. We've been talking about this for many years, and we talk about the Mediterranean diet, lots of vegetables and good protein sources. Not all the carbohydrates and such Over 7.85 years that the study Continued. When they looked at the correlation with heart disease and the highest risk for heart disease were the lowest Intake of the vegetables in the olive oil and lowest risk of heart disease with the highest intake of leafy vegetables and olive oil..

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