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Or man doesn't get in foul trouble montana's or todd mirror the coach at seven utah a little frustrated michigan state doesn't have any fouls home team played well may or we just get better i'll go with them lag as it now goes older went sooner we get a whistle well ward now domo pushed off until next going to get that far away the go go you were doing really well to you brought down our only second turtle there that's not bad accidents great i gotta get he'll get out of the bad part yup focus in on me okay i go came here so far tonight sixty and southern utah has ten thunderbirds habit we're the ball right now going down the latest mcgee's get a dancer a weapon the side tower way as it drives a baseline truth writer will top ward but it's an airball him as you has it all the vote was ward and the balls knock out of bounds and they say and is off of war izzo is unhappy with their call but great job or one in the floor by nick he might have caught a little too far away from the basket just could convert so ben carter's out there van play for coach simon union assistant coach it unlv one of area where the ball mcgee in the pay and he shot is blocked by kenny gone that another march ram eightyearold here comes one symbol drives the basket as banks are way off the mark and carter saved that game two danny going down the wing birthday bar and it said analysts word by cases weren't scheme that's his spurs pocketed the game nineteen ten biggest rate graham as you miss could say now three or four from a long line bernard right now aboard his dishonorable would one one shoes now at a china's whereas joaqu another play ball by wasn't god it back threats backtoback 3s and so now sabah utah is called a timeout they need to stop the bleeding jerry i think bearing the point guard needs a bomb shoes he found it.

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