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That's horrifying and if you have what's known as dental phobia you're probably on the floor right now and may never go see a dentist again. Listen it got me as well. When i was just like this is not. This is so wrong. The crazy thing is is molly. Ma- maja she. She lived for I believe another year so With this increasing abscess and like the radium was sitting in her bones in this particular case in her jaw in her teeth In just decaying tissue around the bone around it and she just basically rotted from radiation poisoning from the inside of her jaw out She suffered from abscesses in eventually. Died from an abscess. The this apps has apparently your whole the whole left side of her face. The different abscesses grew into one mega obsessing. It finally reached her jugular vein and just ate away at her jugular vein. She could no longer pump pump blood from her heart. Yeah see now. I sound like i have. The i mean that is horrific is can imagine and it gets worse in that win. Her doctors were asked what their best guess was of the cause of death. They blamed it on syphilis. Right the company jumps on this and says and this was a big part of the movie. They basically start saying that. These girls are spreading syphilis around each other. And that's what they're sick from I think the movie they call it. V d. of course but It was you know one part to sort of shame them into being quiet and to say that in another part to just obviously you know take the blame as far away from radium as possible men. Yeah for real so you know not to say in the in the doctor's defense but they no one knew what what radium poisoning was at the time right so it's not like syphilis was an entirely just bonkers diagnosis but there another thing. I saw that that That they considered to. That just didn't make sense but had kind of come and gone before among matchstick makers Which was something called fosse. Jaw or phosphorus jaw. Where you're you're like if you were exposed to weiss white phosphorus which matchmakers were when you're making the head of a match It it basically gets absorbed into your jaw. Emirati your jaw so they had kinda seen something like this before but not. Since the early nineteenth century it was much more prevalent in the eighteenth century. And they didn't think that these these women were working with phosphorus anyway so it was kind of baffling. But yeah the idea that that you know even if the doctor did livelier innocently. You know say it was syphilis or something like that. The company very much jumped on that kind of thing to use it to paint that a unflattering picture of the women. Who would go onto litigated. This company and it was totally that kind of a company and it was run by those kind of people for sure. Us dial was he. S so twelve An up to this point. Twelve of them died. Think about fifty of them. Were ill this point and they are still full steam ahead. They don't haul production at all. They don't even call for an investigation until nineteen twenty four. When leaks out to the press a little bit and they start to get you know some sort of bad press about what might be going on. So they commissioned an independent investigation that found out that there was definitely connection going on and they are exposure to radium is leading to these illnesses and deaths and they buried it and got their own Not independent commission together. They investigated and came back and said. Oh no no no. These young ladies are suffering from hysterical condition brought on by coincidence. Yeah and that was actually not even like a panels opinion that was Arthur road or the president of. Us style opinion. Yeah that was his opinion of the whole thing and the Independent investigation was a legitimately independent. Investigation was led by dr seasonal drinker. And his wife. Dr catherine drinker. Who are both harvard pub. Harvard public health professors and when they came up with these findings like this is this. These women are all dying horrible deaths from radiation poisoning from eating this paint. 'cause the stupid lip pointing technique And the company did bury it. Not only did they bury it. It's even worse than that. They took the drinkers report and altered it. So that it said that every girl is imperfect condition and then submitted it with the drinkers name on it to the new jersey. Labor department In like the drinkers had no idea. They also told the drinkers. If they publish their initial report they would sue them that they've been working confidentially and Like i was saying like it was just that kind of company they were just. They would engage in dirty tricks. They would do some of the most underhanded stuff you can imagine like they. I've got one more anecdote. Chuck this gonna knock your socks off. They hired a a Industrial toxicologist named frederick flint from columbia to basically pose as a doctor to examine one of the The dial painters And basically tell her that her health was fine. She was in fine shape and they had a vp from us. Dial sit in and make. It seem like he was a colleague of this person who she thought was a doctor who emphatically agreed in backed up his position. That's the kind of stuff. Us style did reprehensible agreed. Chuck agreed all right so we should probably take another break and we'll talk about how.

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