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They obviously struggled with the injuries are any of those guys that got hurt last year coming back or they no longer on the plans, those that guy that was as big as a house. He's gone sitting. Right. I think he went isn't Kilgore. I don't have my roster in front of me. You know, it's may I haven't memorized me we're looking at this roster. We have all sorts of question marks about the edge rusher on the stalled yet. That's a big. That's a big hole right now. I mean dolphins, Jeff charge. What was the criteria for your top? Fifteen hundred twenty-five like how did you rank them since? They're in different sports. Is it just based on field that stuff? I obviously started with a complete list of, of every teams twenty five and under player, which was, you know, probably a total of odd way doing that. You started just crossing people and eighty percent of them. You know you put a big X through them right away. Who's that guy? What? But then you get, you know it was tough to who were the first five out like who are some of the guys that you didn't leave on that you didn't have on here that you almost for example, our will Wilson just misses a cut six years. Right. Jack Albert Wilson's age to he could be included. Of course I did. I did. Absolutely. And, and there were a couple of guys. I included like Uber dough from the Panthers who barely made it were does like twenty five years, and three hundred and ten days or something. So he barely snuck in. He's an excellent player Jess Hct. Yeah. And I put them lower because he is twenty five you know, a part of the criteria on my list is if I've got two guys of equal talent or promise. In one twenty one and the other twenty five I put the twenty one year old at fifteen you had Christian Wilkins, the rookie, just draft fourteen yet. Victor Victor, Mesa thirteen. You had glad twelve you had Josh Richardson eleven. You had Pablo Lopez feel like Pablo's a little high feel like Eck Blad Josh Richardson, a bit of ahead of him from your article directly. You're saying that his numbers aren't, great. He's three and five win loss record with this Marlin seem as never going to be impressed. But he does have a five year Ray, which ain't great do you take into account that he's doing this, the major league level versus someone at the minor league or Greg. Yeah. I do in the Marlins love Pablo Lopez. He's got I think he's the guy with the great right strikeout, walk ratio. I think he's got like fifty strikeouts and twelve walks or something. I mean that's that's impressive. And they, they like him a lot. You know I go a lot by how the teams feel about these guys like I really struggled with where to place auto. Auto and Justice Winslow and Josh Richardson because you could make an argument that any of the three of them have have a bigger future, but and the, the heater in love with bam. Bam and he he's working on the game. They're gonna experience. I thought, yeah. He's working with Chris Bosh, which is very exciting. He's proven himself to be a tremendous ball handler for size you can initiate offense. I thought the really interesting thing was that you put bam over Justice, and as coming off a very good year. I import they didn't make the playoffs because Justin was a little nicked up towards the end of this. He really shined, replacing Goran Dragic and having the ball in his hair a little low. I don't agree with having Josh Rosen, head of Justice Winslow when Winslow is already made contributions, and we don't know what Rosen is. That's yeah. A little that was a leap of faith with me being a believer in Josh Rosen, Justice Winslow, improved his shooting a little bit, but still is not a great shooter. He's a very dependable three points writer. Right. But but overall field go present. What was he? Forty two percent of he needs to get some touch. My biggest beef with your article was you had Laremy Tunsil at number two, and Xavi and Howard who just got paid line with what is the best contract for a corner in the league..

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