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Store it away all birds all these guys that we'll be parker everybody's talking about what would be Parker. Have you heard of Parker no looks okay. So they're the people say. Oh that's the place where I go online to buy glasses raw. They sell more glasses in store when they had just fifty stores. Now the well over hundred stores. They are in brick and mortar. You know I- glass retailer to have a very onerous brock presence and also just a great customer experience that links that e cars presence and your you know your customer data. They know prescription. They know the last Frames that I bought didn't know everything about me. So they provide a great experience for me and you know I think we're GONNA see a ton of change but it's it's you know. Last year was called reinvention. This year I think it's brick mortars returned to the throne look brick motors turn to the throne. I do believe there is a space for them. They just need to change the metric. Tell me that metric. He gave us there. Is it retail experience per square foot as opposed to revenue per square foot? I love absolutely what? What was the tip of joy you create? Why do you why even come into the store like a woman gets excited about going to Sephora or match right because they get this experience if I have to go get more you know old spice deodorant like this sounds terrible riley? I wish list right actually reality. I don't spis meet Donald Vice honey Free like you know. I want to look forward to going shopping for clothes. Electron IX SMART home. You know the I don't want it to be a short. Yep that's true. Have you tried any final words? On how digital tack services are changing. How we live our lives. Well I mean that's a really broad question rain by design. Yes I like. I am excited by lots of different technologies. I think we're finally coming to realize that the power and the dangers of data including social media And I think the kind of next phase is really figuring out like how do we create technologies that make our lives better rather than maximise at me maximize revenue? And I think there's going to be kind of a reinvention about you know how we communicate with each other and what Poston but we share. I'm excited about Apple. Pay Getting rid of my wallet. I don't understand why I have to have a wallet with all these sayings. I'm excited by obviously computer vision and really understanding. What's going out there in the world and how to aggregate information existing ways of course that also has dangers to it just look at the monitoring that they do in China for example. You know we're we're starting to starting to realize star are kind of Scifi futures that. I remember when I was growing up in the eighties Washington Square Park. And you know I think we really have both the opportunity and responsibility to guide these technologies to make the world amazing place a joyful place Engage a place and not just a really great advertising market. I like that you said we have the opportunity. But the responsibility I think that's important to finish on We have some fantastic technologies on some fantastic opportunities as well but we need to make sure that we do that. Correct fellner thank you very much for joining us. Today on CCC talks. I'm sure we'll talk again soon. Thank you very much. Thanks for having me on. Let me talk about purge you know About technology this has been really great and Love the show. Let's.

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