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Quote the force that is evident to come upon us in quote. Who does that even mean. What does that slow at least one member of the group a couple days before that had been arrested for disturbing the peaceful protesting outside the home of one of the central district. Health board members the infamous. Yeah the the armed mob outside of her home with her children in it. Yeah yeah loud. Armata armed and again. I'm going to repeat this. A group of people shouting outside of somebody's home with guns is a mob not not a protest. The correct response to a protest is listen or ignore it. The correct response to an armed mob is called the police and run for your life. I should have been squinched This group is actively preparing and training for military engagements particularly with small groups of five to ten people. They are using arming and training on ham. Radio use yeah. These guys are serious. They're going to attack something and in their religious discussion around it bundy quoted in one of his lectures to only use the violence when it is righteous quote it never righteous to use it in offense right. That's his deal. You never go on the off. You never throw the first punch you get somebody to punch you. First rate you take is a government building you take over government building and get somebody to punch incite a mob outside of somebody's house you break into Council meetings do everything you can to get somebody to punch you. You let loose you. Who are more than willing to shoot the cops that everybody's trying to figure out and it's if i pardon me still wishes that they would have done that in the first place and avoided this whole thing but yeah when most of the cops of your town are a part of this group. There's not much you can do there. That's actually most of the cops aren't part of this. I heard that emmett police were pretty much least boise. Cops are not the boise cops know. They've got a lot more on their plate but emmett is like a attrash town beautiful river nice. Cherries the boise. Police department does have a liaison with this group. they have liaisons with most groups who planned protests but boise. Police also makes a point of trying to not monitor politically motivated groups. Cover their ears lila. Yeah that's yes. There have been questions we've talked about is bunny behind all of this. Yes yep he is and the freedom foundation is giving him the money for it. Idaho freedom foundation's also involved This this next story goes into a lot of that These the protests outside people's homes were people's rights. That was the group doing those k b protests outside of the central district. health department in boise. Was idaho freedom foundation. Idaho freedom networks like that. Yeah with several hundred people showing The central district health had two meetings that got cut short because the police needed to clear the mob. Basically yeah and on the third meeting the vote was a three three tie and this vote was on Taking the public health advisory or the four counties under their jurisdiction to public health order that would have instituted a mask mandate and social distancing mandates and encouraging much more strongly encouraging businesses to offer delivery and Curbside pickup and stuff like that closing The bar not closing bars but closing the bar at the bar and dance floors and all of those things of this is already in effect in ada county and valley county so two of the four counties boise county and elmore county. Don't have those rules but outside of boise would have been a strengthening of the accent. They say boise mccall. It would have been a strengthening of the rules across the entire district D- share can break ties and chose not to She chose to let the motion failed in the the way the vote went down voice counties member voted against valley counties. Member voted against tell more counties. Member voted against ada county because it has like ninety percent of the population of these four counties has three members. Okay they all three voted for. Can't there you go. that's when you have to fear for your life and property you the people voting against yes. They cited the protests and works the angle with a gun angry complaints. There were getting threats to their lives and also a concern that an order would piss people off and make some people not comply that might with an advisory if they're not complying by now they're not going to the problem is they can't enforce it The other the one other point they had on that was not wanting to push people that are on the line over to the anti mitigation side right before they can get vaccine. It's just ridiculous. Being held hostage by these people and our government is rolling over for it. Yup show up with vaccines with guns as all happening. Were while take a vaccine okay. We're gonna protest outside your house britain until you get one and all this while. Our our hospitals are in the verge of collapse. Yeah but that's faked or is unrelated to kovin. Oh my god. these people are just. I wanted to work for the first time in five months. I think yeah and i was there for two hours in that time span while working on being there to talk to the vendor about covid testing. We're going to be bringing online very very soon. i took some paper shredding bins and on my way back had to follow corpse getting taken to the mark. I the precautions. The people were wearing pushing the patient. I'm pretty sure that was a covid patient. Yeah yeah people are dying it is real. It is not fake. Almost three hundred thousand people.

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