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5 ride. That's commuter connections dot org. Some restrictions apply. Traffic and weather on the 8s here's Jack. Still some brake lights in Maryland will start two 70 south at 80 in urbana, then again a little bit of a delay moving through Germantown toward Montgomery village avenue. Slowing at the bottom into the spurs, you leave democracy boulevard getting onto the outer loop. Topside add a loop will slow from just after 95 toward Georgia avenue. There had been word of a work zone on the outer loop leaving college park. As you head toward I 95, watch for it to be blocking the left lane. We had a closure in Gaithersburg earlier, mid county highway going westbound before Washington grove lane. 7 O four westbound before two O two at a glenarden there was also a crash just a heads up in case you missed it without delay all morning, thankfully. This is now the new pattern on 50 westbound, going to the severn river bridge. All week, we'd have the right lane blocked cruise on scene, said they'd probably be there through Saturday. Well, about one 30 this morning, they lifted the closure, they completed the work 50 west, add the severn river bridge. You're going to find we're slow in Virginia, outer loop, watch for it, headed into Alexandria. There's work in the through lanes between telegraph road and route one. They're working along the right side of the roadway. Now earlier, it's been a while that delays even easing back, maybe they're gone. There were three buses stopped southbound on the George Washington Parkway down before the memorial bridge they'd been in the right lane. They have north side of three 95, there's a little delay in the Springfield interchange, then you'll slow to cross the 14th street bridge inner loops till a little bit heavy right around Braddock road to two 36, then at the toll road. Tiger lily's pajama glam party, march 26th, and Tyson's for women, girls of all ages and their families. Get your tickets today for an afternoon of glamorous activities. Go to Tiger lily foundation dot org slash events. For more information. Jack Taylor TOP traffic. And your forecast from storm team four's Mike's differed. There will be a risk of showers before noon, partly sunny windy and warmer this afternoon afternoon. High zone of mid 70s, some upper

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