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Tell me about kennedy shropshire a wrestler for mountainview. She's she's a big time wrestler and women's wrestling sports kinda taken off nationally She's going to iowa which is kind of the hubs of wrestling and the and the country but she's gonna russell for indian hills community college which is a number three nationally. This past season just too big time wrestling program there tricia probably a four year college and and make an impact eventually. But she's she's a kid. That's i mean you think of a female wrestler only rests on female. She was a choosing the lineup regularly against an indoor meets for the mountain view team russell against boys and then scored a lot of points. It was a key wrestler for a for mountain view is that they won the title in the in the region for the sixth straight time and made made it a state dole. So choose a kid. That was good enough to make the lineup. With shoes. Male or female. So she was a big time wrestling state championship as a senior had. A state runner finish in twenty nineteen couldn't wrestle the state tournament and twenty twenty but certainly an excellent high school career and look forward to seeing what she can do it. The the women's level in college and you said the college she's going to was ranked number three number three nationally in junior colleges so that should chill on her for very good for your college when she has a couple of good years there and we'll hammocks sports editor at the gwinnett daily post. Tell me about north gwinnett girls and boys tennis teams you know. It was a great week for north. One f- Kind of been the dominant team and and what's usually a very strong tennis region. But they've been untouchable here in the last several years. The girls one six times in a row just really been untouchable in that region of very deep team again in a ethic. They have high hopes for the for the playoffs coming up. They're they're pretty strong. Pretty solid top to bottom. Not a lot of weaknesses in that lineup. And coach katy massive. Thanks sustained can Can do very well in the state tournament on the boy side. The the boys the done pretty well. They've kind of locked down that region to a fourth straight year of winning the region there and that they're boys have been on four straight years without losing region match in the regular season or the region tournament so a pretty dominant run. They're loaded Talent lies more loaded than anyone Tennis team and i think they're they're definitely looking at state championship. Sustain that's That's got a lot a lot of single talents. Double steps. And i think they got a serious a chance at doing a coach star. Schuler plug her this week and she. She thinks A chance to make a run at a state championship. So are you saying that if you want to see some really good high school tennis nor cornets the one to go watch. That's the place to be. And what can we look forward to this weekend. Well what's It's the last week before. The estate playoffs Really cranked up and start next. Tuesday we're going to see about a month long state playoffs in all sports baseball. Still got to finish up some regular season stuff but the rest of the sports really hit the postseason hard area For our seven schools is monday at the providence club and shifting years back to this this friday. Thank you very good baseball. Game grayson brookwood. The play the third game of their three-game series this week and to the teams contending for region title there in region four grades one the first one this week on monday. One the second one on wednesdays. Fridays the rubber match not that series between the two of the top baseball teams in the state so I think. Friday games could be an interesting to watch. We'll hammock is sports editor. The gwinnett daily post will thank you so much for joining us. Thank you sir. Has the time come for you and your family to buy or sell a new home. 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