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As a sex offender in 2005. Paul McCartney says the historic bridge in Selma, Alabama, should be renamed in honor of the late Congressman John Lewis. Lewis was marching for civil rights on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in 1965 when police beat him and other protesters up. It's become known as Bloody Sunday. The bridge is currently named for former U. S. Senator and Coo Klux Klan leader. McCartney proposed renaming the bridge to honor Lewis's leadership, honesty and bravery. It's a crash on the 14 it's in Vasquez rocks on the 14 south at Soledad Canyon. I'm not sure what lanes there in because CHP doesn't know either. But I do see that you're driving is starting Tio lag right around Aguadilla Canyon, Sanford, you know, on the 2 10 East down after Highland, still working with on ly the left lane here for you to use It's a big rig wreck, and it spilled out of metal beams. So that backup holding pretty steady at Del Rosa. If you want to hop up up and used East Highland. It does run parallel to the freeway. And it looks pretty good. Except for the signal Traffic chaos by and the sky is sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Ball with a wreck on the five you better in Burbank, actually, as a matter of fact, going back to Newhall Pass. Once you get past the problems that Robin warned you about on the 14. It's good all the way down to the past. Now choose south five coming out of new all There's a problem. Count that 1 70 around Glen Oaks Hollywood way there. It's over to the shoulder just so it doesn't become a bigger problem. Be careful going through and 1 to 10 boards in good shape, now 605 to Pasadena, And then when the West 1 34 takes over same road, different number, it's all clear right to the five and over to Toluca Lake Enjoy for change ended in an action of visit. Superwoman super lawyer dot com. Just boss. Okay, if I and this guy Hey, if I and this guy helps get you there faster I'm robbing banks, Sports and social justice will be married this summer and fall. The MBA will be playing all of his games in Orlando. They'll have the hashtag black lives matter displayed on the court or all games. Also,.

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