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I think that's a good formula last week. We were trying to work on some things that we probably would too long. We we saw kids. Were pretty tired and we this week we talked about. Hey we gotta maybe need to taper off that a little bit and they only have so much their bodies could do so. I think you're writing. Probably two two really good ones in two matches for us would be a good a good balance. I was coaching at Western Michigan University and I didn't know much about volleyball whatsoever however they had gone over there in there in the women's volleyball program they would get pretty much packed. Jim to watch their volleyball team team and I got excited at got very very very interested in it and have watched it on television and and whenever we have a chance when Thomas Down Indiana we had a chance to go down and watch watch that volleyball team here in if there are fans out there and I'm totally serious fans out there that have not never experienced volleyball. They need need to get out and it's the most entertaining exciting maybe football maybe slightly above it but I wasn't it would be a thing get. Get your kids introduced to it. Offen- tastic sports spectator sport one of the best things to do on a Saturday in Rbis to noon football game fall by seven o'clock volleyball GAM whether it's at cliff keen or at the center or this weekend Sunday against Notre Dame in the crisis center huge match yeah. It's a big bachelor show we play them on Wednesday at their place and we play when Sunday here. They're really good team this year. I think we've got a really good squad so it'll be we played them last year in swept in both matches. I know they're going to be pretty hungry coming in but Jack Jack appreciate the plug for sure but it's it's really a lot of times. I'll ask. Some of our fans like older fans. Don't have a connection of oil. How'd you get into this and I'm like oh I just I came to a game one day and the love of it and the physicality people will be amazed when they see you see backyard volleyball or like you said that you know the stuff you play shoot the ball over and then you watch what what our players as you're doing an phenomenal I mean they play way above the net. It's physical. It's it's a really exciting game and so I think when people come in they're like. Oh Hey this is different than I expected. Attend our attendances role. We played a lot more. Chrysler now because we we play and keen arena was our home and it seats eighteen fifty we were selling out pretty consistently and we just needed to get into a bigger venue and this weekend we had navy and Eastern Michigan batches. They wouldn't normally draw very well and we drew like twenty two hundred for each one of them. We wouldn't have been able to fit that in keen arena so we're growing two years ago. How stay with eighty five hundred Chrysler last year. We had a couple of matches well over five thousand so we're starting to get a lot better attendance because eight people Orion Hey. This is a really fun sport in our conference is the best in the country and your team's really good seventeen to twenty years in the tournament kind of speaks for itself and the twentieth the Eighteenth Eighteenth. Out of twenty one is well on its way yeah we're. We're certainly working at it. I like the kids we have and we got a young inexperienced team this year but they're getting better quick and I think we're going to be pretty good. It's been a it's been a fun group so far but we're still really early season so getting ready. Go blue go blue. This is Jack Talk. I WANNA listen. I want to be better. I want to be the best I can be. Welcome to our team. Jack Talk as you get older. You get to be seventy eight years old. Here's my fine hair grows in places that it hadn't been before for welcome to Hashtag Jack Talk. It's now time for everybody's favorite segment of the week here in attacking stay the Harbaugh's podcast. It's time for Jack. Talk just because Jackson Baltimore doesn't mean we can't have a jack talk in fact even greater than have on Jackie and one of my favorite cities in the world hope. You're having a good time down there in Baltimore. Foam watching football. What do you have this week projectile. Oh I spent a benefactor tastic week Jackie and I've been here with John and Anger Nelson joy ourselves ballgame yesterday but John and I were driving to the game yesterday morning and we got to reflecting a little bit on his twelve years his twelfth year here with the Ravens and talking about the first year that that he got the job and and how we got here to Baltimore was fascinating we talked about he was in Indiana you as an assistant coach there with Cam Cameron and he was a special teams guy not wasn't his title but he volunteered to be the punt return coached any volunteer to it'd be the punt coached and the kickoff on through and before he nudity was coaching all phases of of special teams just because he enjoy coaching he wanted to be a part that that that football and then asked her first year he got a call from the Philadelphia Eagles and they were looking for a college coach that that enjoys special teams teams and was an outstanding coach and it was kind of a new movement in professional football to bring in college coaches do the special teams and John was kind of the forerunner runner that and so he went in for an interview there were three guys interviewed and and they decided that they were going to hire another college coach a coach from Auburn University University to be the special teams coach John had gotten a phone call. I think it was noon Tuesday. They made the decision that they were moving in a different direction so he called and I remember the phone call that I didn't get the job. You didn't get it but you know what maybe college football's. Where bone maybe this is? This is where I should be and Ingrid feels the same way so we're disappointed but we feel that there's a reason for it and this is where I belong. hung the phone up and I told Jackie how disappointed I was for him. In about twenty minutes later the phone rang and it was John. He goes dead. I am the new special special teams coach for the Eagles. The the other guy got the job. We decided that he wanted to stay at Auburn and didn't want to come to Philadelphia so so I'm the second guy that they call the. I'm I up and I'm now the special teams coach while he was there nine years as a special teams coach and then last year he was a defensive backfield coach with Jim Johnson coordinator with the Eagles and one of the great coaches nine mind that there isn't football but then then any ad got the phone call from the Baltimore Ravens that they they were looking for a head coach. John was on the list and John Asks for harmony other coaches. You have on the list and I said well. You're twenty one. We've we've selected twenty-one individuals it interview and often it's going to be by committee Eddie. It's going to be of course the owner will make the decision but it's going to be a group decision and in what direction we go and so he came in for an interview you got he made the he was down to about sex six or seven and came back for another interview and now down to three and they called him and told him that he did not get the job that job was going to to Jason Garrett with with the Dallas cowboys. He was offense coordinator. I believe that's who they had desired to hire but you know they congratulated him on a on a great interview and knew that he would be successful possibly for another job so now disappointment contend. Jason Jason Garrett goes back to Dallas and decides that he wants to stay there so now it's down to two so he goes back for another interview and with Steve Bruce Shoddy who in my mind is the very best owner and all of professional football and he goes back for a complete day starts at nine o'clock in the morning interview ends about six o'clock at at night and and so now it's he's fried and and so it comes down down ready to say goodbye and leave and then they were going to make a decision and then and they were in a committee and Steve Shoddy says John John Come into my office. We we need one less discussion. We need one last time that we're gonNA talk and so he goes in and they sit down across from the desk and Nestea says John just one question I have for you. Why would this organization choose you. Give me one reason why this organization would choose you to be our head. Football coach and John said question came from prepare for every question but he wasn't prepared really for that one so he's kind of guys glazed over a little bit and he dropped his head a little bit and he looked back at him. He said Mr Bush if I've been here for three interviews today came at nine o'clock and it's now six o'clock if you don't know that I'm the right guy to be the head football coach of the Baltimore Ravens then. You should probably hire someone else. Steve Shoddy lit up like a Christmas tree. Greece across the table grabbed his hand sit John. You are now the head football coach of the Baltimore Ravens and you know not rehearsed and and that's the that's the answer that that that he wanted to hear evidently and so he became the head coach and then he was here here for twelve years last year he goes through a situation where you know they they they lost three or four games in a row and condie another year on his contract but there was some sentiment that maybe he wouldn't come back. If they didn't make the playoffs maybe he wouldn't come back doc and then and then they go ahead and they and they win six five of the last six games and Kamar Lamar Jackson the quarterback we're back and he and he plays well and so he gets an extension so he's going to be the problem overrated coach and for for for for more years but the the reason the dial a diatribe if you might have that discussion if you might as because I think John Harbaugh represents persistence at its highest level. I I think this young man is such a hard worker and such a dedicated family man and and football coach in that persistence is life ever since I remember started walking beginning to talk as as been his major asset in how he's conducted himself as a husband father and the football coach it reminds me of this this Calvin coolidge quote that on persistence that I've become a part of our part of our collection and it goes like this nothing in the world can take the place of persistence talent alad will not nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent genius will not education will not persistence persistence and determination alone are omnipotent and then. I looked up. I'm not worthy guy but on Nippon struggles that words I looked it up and it's the definition of that is unlimited power and unlimited power in conducting your life and John Harbaugh is a shining light of that and I sit here in his office now and he's in a staff meeting and and just proud that I have in in watching how he induction well Jack. That was great stuff. You gave me the chills telling us Diba shoddy stories you know the Ravens Fan I love here and stuff like that and excited to have many more years of John. Harbaugh on the sidelines patrol knows sidelines purple and black. Well thank you and looking forward to getting back to Ann Arbor and getting on with the season there as well you can contact because on twitter at a podcast or by using Hashtag Jack talk follow us favors and subscribe to us on podcast one dot com and the podcast at don't forget the rate us on itunes. We're GONNA think podcast is one our.

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