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Good morning to you Brad. Off For one more day today it really gets going president. Trump's impeachment trial officially started last week as procedural stuff got taken care of like swearing in Supreme Court. Chief Justice John Roberts. At this time I I will administer the oath to all senators in the chamber in conflict this week. The meat of it really begins the arguments. Each side will eventually begin laying out their case has has admitted to the wrongdoing is chief staff has confessed to the wrongdoing over the weekend. Both sides made their arguments in the public arena and in briefs that were filed. Trump's lawyers calling impeachment a quote brazen and unlawful attempt to overturn the two thousand sixteen election adding several times. The president did nothing wrong and you would think at this point everything would beep. We've kind of figured out but there are still so many unknowns about how this whole thing will go this far along and the rules haven't even been set yet on how the trial will unfold just just before we came on the air tonight new reporting on what we can expect last night. Mitch McConnell the Senate Majority Leader put out proposed rules. It's been described as get ready for a food fight in the Senate Chamber. ABC's Trish Turner is all over this on Capitol Hill. She knows the INS and outs of it. Trish pretty amazing that were to this point. Everything's getting going. The the rules aren't even said yes. It's true Alex we're all pretty stunned. It's just an indication truly of how partisan the Chamber is at this point the the the partisan divides are deep and there really is no agreement like back in the Clinton trial when all one hundred senators. They weren't happy with the way on the rules. We're going to be laid out. But they were able to come to an agreement this time other than having this resolution now in our hands the kind of lays out some of the rules of the road like you said they're you're still going to be a food fight later today. Yeah it seems like there is really no agreement here in these proposed rules now by McConnell. What do they say? Where's the divide? Well it's really. The fight has come around this core issue of whether or not to call witnesses documents documentation witnesses basis tooth. That's what they're afraid of and you'll remember the speaker of the House. She held the articles of impeachment for a month. That's unprecedented in and of itself. If the Senate to size if Senator McConnell prevails and there are no witnesses it will be the first impeachment trial in history that goes to conclusion Asian without witnesses and so they really wanted to do. Democrats is try to secure in agreement with the Republicans in the Senate that they would agree to call witnesses. Witnesses witnesses that were called in the Clinton trial and there be an opportunity for the Senate vote for additional witnesses using the Clinton impeachment model. which yeah I think is the fairest way of dealing with good enough for President Clinton that ought to be good enough for president trump for all of this talk and praise of the president of the Clinton trial? The one thing that Republican leader has not said we are going to have witnesses. Well we'll be dealing with a witness issue at the appropriate time into the trial. What he said last night in this resolution and really this was as a result of moderate Republican senators pushing for this? He said. Look what I promise you is. You will get a vote. Upper down on whether or not to call witnesses and then if they get fifty one votes that's four Republicans joining all of the Democrats if they get fifty one votes then kind of go from there if you want to get this over sooner rather than later why not push to try and lender no sentiment and Republican conference offering for a motion to dismiss our members feel that we have an obligation to listen to the argument. There's not any stipulation that there could not be a vote on a motion to dismiss us. This is something that president trump is wanted. Republicans are trying not to have that and then the other real You Know Bugaboo for Democrats. They really don't like this. This issue in the resolution that deals with evidence this information is not extraneous. It's central to the charges against the president so so basically none of the new evidence that's come in from the Giuliani associate left. Parnasse harness says the two worked together to pressure Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and that the president knew about all of it. None of that new evidence is going to be able to be introduced in this trial and even the evidence that was reproduced. As part of the House it's record. That won't even be formally introduced until after opening arguments and the senators have asked questions but going into this. It seems like this could take them months to get through this hour. They going to do this today. They've got so much and Democrats have already said they've got a bunch of amendments that they're GONNA file and they're gonNA fight a lot of this. Is this really going to happen in the next day or two. We can only hope just for our own schedules right. Alex so I think today is really going to be dealt with all the procedural stuff tough. So yes you're right. The Democratic leader in the Senate Chuck Schumer. He's he is furious on something as important and serious as impeachment. Senator McConnell's resolution is a national disgrace. He wants to introduce multiple amendments having to do with witnesses. We think the balance balance of this day will be spent with just that fighting out witnesses and we will introduce a whole series of amendments for witnesses for documents and other ways to straighten out what McConnell has done and make it a real trial with evidence witnesses and in ways that the American people can hear it but at some point wait truly. The trial has to begin we think and And so we think from our sources that that really is. The opening arguments are really kick off in earnest on Wednesday. And that's when you'll see that wildly. Condensed schedule it just so different than Clinton trial instead of eight hours a day for about three days A. We're GONNA each side for arguments. We're GONNA see House managers for twenty four hours. Spread over two days. Pre have to present their arguments. That means of course Alex as we begin every day at one o'clock so we're not ending until at least one. Am Democrats say this is trying to bury this trial in the dead of night. Four Republican senators will be watched very closely. Here will they join Democrats and asking for witnesses. Lisa Murkowski as you just mentioned there of course Susan Collins of Maine as well Mitt Romney of Utah in the Mar Alexander of Tennessee Hennessy. But I would say what we have seen from some key. Republican senators who could really tipped that balance on votes with just a simple majority. They are on board with the McConnell resolutions. I really do think we're going to be looking at these twelve hour days at least through Saturday to get us through opening arguments and then it's anybody's guess it's what happens on witnesses. My head is spinning. They're still so many. What if in this whole thing? It's getting going but they still don't know exactly how it's GonNa go. ABC's Trish Turner on Capitol Hill as always. Thank you for boiling it down so we can understand sir. Thanks.

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