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Over one year had reductions in significant decreases in blood flow and improvement in the lining of the blood vessels now you might think well that's not a lot of garlic extract is really not a lot of co Q. ten so we typically try to get the co Q. ten levels in your blood up nice and high in some towns that requires three or four capsules a day so even with patients that have Parkinson's studies have shown that gone up about three thousand milligrams a cookie today but certainly blood test see where you are raise the levels recheck so you can make sure that you're the right range so pretty significant improvement in the endothelial function the vascular elasticity with the H. Karluk the CO two ten some people like to use the supplement garlic some people like to like to use the fresh garlic which I certainly love for those that the first call because it'll be too strong for then we tell people by elephant garlic every store is going to have a set of very large garlic but it's a a lot less strong it's a lot less biting in terms of its its effect so you can easily put that on your salary your food have that they wouldn't give you that you know uncomfortable sensation back in because it's it's just less harsh so still will give you the benefit once again phone lines are open it's like Colin asked question do so now one eight hundred eight four eight W. ABC one eight hundred eight four eight nine two two two for like to call and do so now we try to make sure everybody gets the call in before the end of the program and would love to chat with you okay let's go to Ted in Forest Hills hi how are you how can I help you what can you hear me how are you Ted are you there okay we'll try to get Ted up as soon as we can hello there was so for a moment and we'll get back to you so as I say you want to have a lot of the best nutrients in your food all of will certainly great for you I think if you only had two types of oils in your diet for the rest of your life really should be olive oil and fish oil because they have more benefits than really anything else and there are a lot of people that like coconut oil let's find some people type like to take a tablespoon of olive oil first thing in the morning or some people take at night that's fine I will have been known to help to kill germs you got so I think there are lots of benefits to all these foods that have been around for hundreds and literally thousands of years in populations in studies have been done with Mediterranean diets with olive oil and all the great vegetables you know this is not something that is new or unknown I think every population and certainly in the in Europe Middle East and across the Far East have used olive oil has one of the major components and now you can get a wonderful all for oil in any of the good stores this organic all of world makes all the sense to buy organic okay phone lines are open one eight hundred eight four eight W. A. B. C. one eight hundred eight four eight nine two two two and we'll get you up on the air the vitamin D. at once again important you know many many I think millions at this point studies on vitamin D. and benefits of vitamin B. and this is a study that looked at the non traditional risk factors for heart disease of course research will talk about cholesterol triglycerides LDL but homocysteine fibrinogen C. reactive protein low vitamins arrest low hormones or risk so we want the vitamin D. really to be in a nice range close to a hundred because that's where all the research worldwide says the vitamin D. race results not at ten twenty thirty forty fifty it's got to be a higher so this is a great study was published in the archives of medical science he talks about how people in the study large group Huntington subjects had vitamin D. levels or super low eleven twelve fifteen and they looked at the low levels of vitamin B. and found that was associated with higher triglycerides and a higher small LDL cholesterol the bad cholesterol so they're independent things that could influence your cholesterol it's not this cholesterol number that has to be what it is that you have to take medication for it so cutting carbs exercise for two hormones vitamins make all the difference in the world and this is what I've done for my the entirety of my career evaluate your body learn about your first see what trump against and then start correcting things so I say say we see a lot of people that are hypoglycemic but don't know the irritable anxious tired even panicky depressed Hey maybe I maybe have a less humid but they also may be at the age of a decline in their hormones so things overlap each other in their mobile contributors to symptoms so we have to as I say go back the layers of the onion to be able to get to all of the underlying causes not just look for one or two but vitamin deficiency is extremely common we see it and typically everybody that I see on their first visit long term selenium and co Q. ten usage may reduce mortality this is a big study and it was published throughout the division of Korea vast amount of some department medicine health sciences and it was a five year study randomized double blind placebo controlled study among four hundred forty three Swedish citizens age seventy to eighty eight long term supplementation with selenium and cookie ten reduced cardiovascular mortality people are evaluated twice a year over the course of study with blood **** Carty grams sonograms looking for plaque in the neck the heart the legs and multiple follow throughout that period of time and those that have the nutrients on board had a significant reduction in cardiac mortality reduce bi N. P. which is a peptide that your heart can muscle can leak out as that muscle is damaged or dying SO three B. M. P. is high we know that you're having some damage the heart muscle these individuals had body but a cardiac function better cardiac output so yet again nutrients helping to maximize your building your health so I think the blood test for vitamins is one of the.

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