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We are at a place the sort of crossroads in human history where because of the dissemination of information the access to information that paradoxically even though we can connect in so many ways more easily than ever before it's harder for people to rally around one thing for massive numbers of people to rally around one thing what is more inspiring you know connecting with somebody on a an online form about common beliefs were showing up to a rally in holding hands with a stranger hugging someone and crying in the face of injustice those Schuman experiences to look someone in the eyes cry with someone to hold their hands to show up and feel a part of something when you show up in their throngs of people and you don't know them and in any other circumstance you would never be friends with them but for the fact that they showed up we become brothers and sisters and then and those experiences inspire us to do it again and we will get on another train or a bus or a car and we will drive another seven and eight hours simply to stand in the sun for hours to say I believe I believe I believe he human experiences that make author Simon sending is talk about how great leaders inspire action is the third most viewed Ted talk of all time you can see that and his other talk at ten dot com.

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