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Talking boxing this week. I've got teddy. Atlas on my podcast. It is live right now. If you've not heard that you wanna make sure you look forward either after the program or sometime this weekend. We are efforting Ray Leonard Ray, Leonard is one of my favorite fighters ever Ray. Leonard is one of my favorite athletes, ever because of the heart that he would demonstrate in fact, we have found him an Olympic gold medal was a six time world champion fighter of the decade for the hundred eighty s founder of the Sugar Ray Leonard foundation, he is a member of the boxing hall of fame. He's an analyst with does own canal fee. Rocky tomorrow night, eight pm live from too long. Definitely too long. Thanks. We'll getting older array responsible Ray. I don't know about you. I'm getting older less responsible beret, you look great though. Look great. I think you're not getting older. I know I am. No, it's more experience than interior. Gotcha got Cannella in rocky tomorrow night. But before we talk about that fight where it talked to me for a minute about Madison Square Garden is a fighter. What goes through you? When you hear those three words Madison Square Garden, and what is the arena means to the sport. Overall. The first thing that comes to mind is mecca and FOX it's it's the place to be, you know, if you haven't fought in Madison Square Garden, you have not. You have not been a fighter for the most part. But you know, I think I've put there. I don't recall what happened. I don't want to recall what happened. Because I think I lost. I don't know what that was. Think that was your fight with Terry Norris. Right. I don't think will have. I don't remember. I got you got you. I remember that fight that was something else. But it's it is the mecca it's where everybody wants to be. So we look at the big picture for the sport Ray where few weeks removed now from wilder fury. And now we've got this fight tomorrow night. It feels like it is a huge moment for boxing as a fan of the sport. Does it feel that way to you? Does it feel like we're at the start of something special once again in boxing, while you know, what's happening. Now, these fights that we look upon is like being oh, sure. This guy's on win. He is fifty to one hundred to one that this guy can't beat whether it's wilder, you know, and that was good indication to because I myself I wanted him. I just thought that it'll be maybe a couple of rounds and wilder would knock him out in theory. All of a sudden, I saw different person fighter in that rain with highs in theory. And he got up the mass knock down. I thought he was out. And he got back up somehow some way. Very interesting. Very interesting to school. I what I from what I saw I three flight edge. But then again that happens to all fight, especially if we have a top notch favorite. Week onto the rain. We're in shape, but psychologically, mentally with not bear. And that's what happens to most champions for the most part. We're talking to Ray Leonard you have Cannella in rocky tomorrow night. Eight PM live from Madison Square Garden on does own. You can get disowned by signing up for free. Ray when you talk about what makes a great champion. What it takes to be a great fighter. Canelo. Cannella is very very very good in your mind. Does he have what it takes to be great? Yes. He does. He's a he's a young, man. And you know, when I saw him against what Mayweather for me. Whether I said, it was going to be a teacher and a student and canal being the student. Good fight the best. He could against a great fighter and for junior. And that and that no one likes to lose. But you know, what I made him a better fighter. Shura Leonard joining us. We're talking about rocky and Cannella. What about rocky Ray? The thing about rocky is he's largely unknown. Here. He is underdog. Now, you used to fight and you were used to the spotlight you were always there, and you would thrive in those situations. But if you're a guy like rocky, and you're not used to the kind of media attention that he's getting what kind of advice, would you give him before a fight of this magnitude? I spoke with him yesterday. Rocky, and he seemed pretty pretty composed. I mean, this is huge. Huge especially for him. But he seems to be pretty calm. But you don't know that and he won't know that until he inches that rain, and when he CV, and it feels the energy in the just the attitude thing. And power. It's gonna be it's going to be a non opener. We just have to see how he reacts to that. He's a tall guy. He's a really tall guy. Heavier guy over guy. But let's see if you know the question is can you use it will use that? We take his time. What are you height and reach advantage? Make them make them harder holiday hit. We're talking to Leonard Ray. He's got that advantage in height in reach. He actually towers over canal. Oh, let me change up on you for one minute. There was this piece in the Wall Street Journal in October that was really powerful. And it was a story about from the time when you were ten years old and some friends were Niro roaring creek in Maryland. Oh my God. Ray what happened next for those? Who do not know that story? I was you know, I I lived in Maryland at the time, and there was a creek right near the McDonald's restaurant, and I remember going over to have a big rainstorm the place. The creek flooded and me and my boys I'm like Tanny Cam, maybe eleven we walked on the side because time I listen to him into the water to the creek. And the current was strong pushing down towards the train. I couldn't I couldn't swell, but I could survive, and I kept finding finding fighting pull myself up after times. And then I saw her Royal the water the power that water, and I never gave up on this is so weird. I mean, I can. I see. I see ACA here the water right now. Talk about it. And it's like it brings back memories that I stay alive and somehow some way by the grace of God, I pull myself up. And look down way down to feel like football. And so all these people and that was where I fell in. And I walked wars. And this man saw me and he picked me up and on his show. It took me off to my parents who were just going. I mean, they were crying everyone was crying and. Man. It was awful. It was awful. Even today. I could swim now naturally, but I don't I don't really like I love what I like water. But water course, it's terrible. You were ten years old. You nearly lost her life. You nearly drowned. And you mentioned that you just kept fighting kept fighting fighting. And when I think about you, and I think about your career. I mean, this is the way it was there were times where you were beating in the ring you see this reserve, you can always tap into a reserve that I don't know. I didn't think it was necessarily there. I think about the late rounds. And remember people listening you fought into later on when they still fought rounds thirteen through fifteen right against Thomas Hearns when seem like you're nothing left. How were you able to tap into a resort? Like that. When it looked like you had nothing left. You know what? Mommy said to me many many years ago. Those fight. You're talking about. When you Joe Frazier. It was like the closest thing to death. And I looked him kind of strange, and I found out what he met through fighting Tommy hers, especially in the first fight Eighty-one Durant in June of eighty Marvin hacker willful Benitez. It was there when you reached out to you reached out for that thing. We all have we all possess. It just can't activate it. And that's the difference. So rare when you talk to those fights, I mean, Benitez was amazing fighter. Hagler obviously goes without saying Thomas Hearns a hall of Famer Durant who you made quit is. I look back on your career. There are so many amazing moments. If I had to ask you to pick one, what is the moment, you are most proud of in the ring, and you're right. I mean significant, but the one that comes to mind is tummy a unification of the welterweight crown. September eighty Eighty-one. Tommy. My left eye was closed. It was like over a hundred degrees in rain. Everything was tired. But somehow, someway, I hit them a quarter. And I just. Shot. Avenues is something happened, and it's hard to really really articulated, but it's something special. We all have. And when I heard a guy her opponent. I had this thing automatically it clicks on intern. Josh you say. Ray Tommy Hearns. He might not be able to box like, you could boss, but his punching power was unbelievable. What was it like to get hit by that? Man. What I'm glad you asked. Tommy never hurt me in the first. He never hurt me in the first second Friday here at me numerous times. I I mean, I don't know because if you go back and watch the fight. The tape of the fight. You'll see the first round of moving project. Parts of the first bail. I looked around the ring. I walked around the ring after I who in here could beat Tommy hers. And you know, who it was I saw Mohammed Ali, and I'm and I moved like Muhammad Ali the first round. And was missing Missy couldn't connect test on the forehead just before barrow any hit me in retaliation that meant he was angry. He was may want to take I call my face and my head as they're taking place. Ray Leonard joining us for another moment or so Ray the thing that you are ahead of your time. You look Conor McGregor McConnell McGregor is he's won so many fights by getting under guys skin and getting in their heads. You're able to do this one of the toughest guys ever in Roberto Duran and made him quit. What about that mental war for how many times, did you think you would wanna fight before you even step between the ropes? I learned that from Durant. I learn how to get to hit from Durant. He told me that's irony. My teaching our first fight in June eighty and Montreal and he took me out of my game plan, and I stood toe. Although I had the hand speed and the foot movement to outmaneuver him because of things he said to me and to my wife, and I couldn't get back at him because he didn't have time. He wasn't speaking English. He taught me something and I use it against other guys. But Ray everything's changed so much, right? I mean, you're still boxing fan, you still associated with the sport. We finally ask you this. What do you make? And again, we were close in age. We came up the same time. How about a world where Oscar de LA Hoya and Dana white are going back and forth through the media. And then Oscar finally said, look if you wanna get in the ring man, I'll take care of it that way, what do you make of the battle between the two of these guys the beef. They're having right now. Well, I'm not I'm not too privy upon dick specifics are by the I've heard to the grapevine. But hey, you know, what? It's gotten huge shoot. I mean, a lot of my friends are fans of boxer and also just keep it going. You know, what is entertainment, and the fact that when Mayweather four. Mcgregor. Yep. I just knew at some point. Early on that he will get tired because it's a different type of conditioning with you know, going around to going five minute around. So whenever the and going twelve rounds and fifteen rounds, and it was like four fifth round look over at Connor, and he was not newsies winded. But I, but it was impressive instantaneous that he wants to do. He went that far. And then once some point may we have looked at me and winked because I was doing the commentary there. And that was it was it was entertaining respect. It was exactly that's exactly what it was. It was a spectacle and went ten rounds. So you've got Cannella when rocky tomorrow night, eight PM live Madison Square Garden on design. You can get zone by signing up for free Ray..

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