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And out East title matter, Bala Tano Jack Hello, This's Fox news. It is sure looked and felt like fall today. On this first day of fall temperatures will be mild tonight, humid as well. Some fog around. Mostly cloudy. Cloudy skies, Perhaps you patch is a drizzle out there 63 degrees for a low fall could be pretty slow to burn off low cloud cover as well. Eventually. Partly cloudy by Wednesday afternoon, a high of 75 degrees with a light easterly breeze. But it may be cloudy a pretty good part of the day. Fog possible Thursday morning as well. Then partly cloudy skies Thursday afternoon a bit warmer with a high near 80 on Thursday from the full one storm center on Mike Morgan on the air and online at Katie okay dot com Use radio 1080 Okay, Oklahoma's first news From the city of Angels near the Pacific Ocean. Good morning. Good evening. Whoever you may be across the nation around the world I'm George Noory. Welcome to coast to Coast Am later tonight. How's your lock? Gonna find out first Day of autumn? Whoa! Here we go, And here's what's happening..

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