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Actress who's been book is since we don Gilmore girls them sisterhood of the traveling pants is now the most dangerous celebrity on the internet cybersecurity firm McAfee crowned Alexis Blondel twenty nineteen to most dangerous celeb because that no other celebrity was likely to land users on websites they carry viruses or malware rounding out the top five James cordon Sophie Turner Anna Kendrick and Lupita bianco the server is meant to highlight the danger of clicking on suspicious links malware malicious links are attached to famous names hoping fans searching for videos will fall victim McAfee urges internet users to consider risks associated with searching for pirated content and always apply updated security fixes someone say uncle babies Tom merry reports the patriots demolished the jets remain the NFL's only perfect team of the season New England Patriots remained unbeaten by embarrassing the New York Jets thirty three nothing New England set the tone immediately after the opening kick off at the pass more seventy eight yards and sixteen place in a nearly nine minute drive capped by Sony Michelle three yard TD run watching the seventh straight win for the defending Superbowl champs and Tom Brady as the stars good drive and in time you can go on a seven or eight minutes whatever that was put the ball and ends on the road kind of get your good feel shell score two more touchdowns on runs but it was the patriots defense that literally had jets quarterback Sam Donald wonder if you were seeing ghosts Donald threw four interceptions and was held to one of the lowest quarterback ratings ever Tom merry me throughout the for the Jersey Japan's emperor Hirohito has proclaimed his ascension to the chrysanthemum throne at a palace ceremony crowds gathered outside Tokyo's imperial palace is narrow he too left the instrument ceremony which is the high point of succession rituals and confirms the succession in may after his father after he tell abdicated Naruhito is the one hundred twenty six the emperor and the world's oldest hereditary monarchy that historians say dates back one thousand five hundred years the ceremony serves to showcase the monarchy to win public support and to preserve Japan's cultural heritage is also an occasion for diplomacy some two thousand guests including foreign dignitaries were invited from in and outside the country to the elaborate ritual laden ceremony Hey I'm former U. S. ambassador to Ukraine who is now the ranking diplomat there William Taylor.

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