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Of a clark rage i'm going to go over leather deals that are going to be in place for president's day weekend this is a big excuse for retailers to roll out deals try to get you to spend a little bit money and i'm going to tell you some of the highlights of the deals and of course i have more comprehensive for you on clarke deals dot com and later yet i mentioned to you recently that there's this new crime that appears to be connected to the echo facts breach where criminals to figure out a way instead of opening accounts as if they're utech empty accounts that you have as if there you and i've come up with some information for you on ways to reduce the chances that somebody will get to your money and a talk through that with you just a little later on right now i'm going to infuriate many people and i just wanna tell you i don't apologize for it the president peres proposed a twenty five cent hike in the federal gasoline tax and if you are a longtime listener you are aware that i am a big fan of what so is taxing our consumption not our income and every time i talked about why i would want to see a massive increase in what we pay for gasoline and diesel i get a lot of very very angry post and that's easy to do just go to clark dot com go to clark stinks and post but the presence reasons for this actually pretty straightforward and simple no we have a problem in the us where the gas tax hasn't gone up in more than a generation and inflation sense has made the cost of repairing roads roughly triple what it was when the gas tax originally went up more than generation ago so you ride around and a lot of people think about local roads those are not paid for by federal gas tax dollars but you get on interstates and you're going on thought cong cong cong all that vo where the pavement is way overdue for repair and the cost and what it does star vehicles is ridiculous over time and we have bridges bit grow substandard over time that we're doing what they call in the wing go of trade deferred maintenance that's when you know something needs.

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