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This is where we have to get into the background of these guys because first off, you're talking about going from Christmas Eve to Christmas Day to just extendo Christmas. It's only right that for the class of guys that would probably need a seatbelt spender on a plane. We also get an extended version of the holiday for all this. But I want to give the edge here to Terence Steele just because when you look at his background, you see thoroughbred offensive lineman. This isn't to discount what lane Johnson's done, but we got to remember as he came up the ranks. This was a guy that for a while was a quarterback coming up and then a tight end to aid himself into an offensive lineman and you see it in the highlight, the hands still got it. The hands are silky in the spot, Pablo. And also, if we're being honest about lane Johnson and the climbing of the ranks, he couldn't exactly climb up the ranks of the stands, touchdown, Wayne Johnson. The right tackle. Is he gonna get up there, Katie? Can't catch up. Is that all? Is that a leap? I don't know. Which I don't know if that is a positive or a negative in the assessment as this as performance art. Overwhelming positive. None of this is supposed to look perfect. That's the charm. We're not supposed to be here. We're in a realm that we have ascended to, that we have no parts being involved in. With terrance deal for me the part that was endearing was he immediately went to his celebration where he said, I have waited for this moment. We clearly went through this on the walk through the day before the game. And I immediately got to the spike. Terrence deal with all the might of an offensive lineman, spike that ball so hard after catching a touchdown that it landed in the third row of suites. And then the mob came because the Dallas Cowboys response from the rest of that offensive line, Zack Martin, 8 years into his NFL career, jumped higher than I ever saw him at Notre-Dame. The whole group was so excited because Pablo, it really is when one of us makes it all of us make it. It is the full Wolf of Wall Street one of us, one of us here. And this really is the stuff you dream of once. Once you become a kid that starts to track towards this, I always tell people, I never played another position. I was an offensive and defensive lineman from the moment I put on pads. And a lot of big kids, a lot of guys that end up as O and D Lyman are that way. And so you don't have that time where you get to touch the ball and you get to go and potentially score and have people cheer for you. You're in the dark shoveling, you know what, so that everyone else can succeed, but we all mess around before practice, go through when wide receivers and quarterbacks go out pre practice to go, we call it pat and go. When they offensive line runs through it, we call it fat and go. And when you have those opportunities, we all try and make our highlight reel catch your toe tap and bounce, never thinking we're actually gonna get to live it. So often we see this stuff and the cowboys and the Terrence deal case fit this description. We see the stuff in the midst of basically celebration already, right? In the midst of blowouts, I feel like the thick 6 as a weapon of NFL warfare. It is kind of used to rub it in the other team's face when you're absolutely just smoking them on offense. I mean, I think of the bills and the chiefs doing this in the playoffs in their wild card games, Mike. They both threw to lineman four touchdowns when they were up real big. What do you make of the thick 6 as a source of humiliation for others? It's the perfect chef's kiss on what was otherwise a perfect meal of the day for these offenses. The chiefs are going to fake it. They roll to the right side. They throw a big man touchdown. Big man touchdown. Alex ready. Josh keeps without play action fires to the engine. Touchdown buffalo. The pastor rookie Tommy dial, the big man touchdown. They are porn and on now. Pablo, we hear all the discourse all the time. People getting upset when teams throw late in games when they're trying to pass down field operate their offense as usual. I am sure if you ask every defensive coordinator, every opposing head coach to a man, they would much rather have you throw deep to some normal skinny guy in one of these routes than

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