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Maybe a somewhat suspect oklahoma team to to store that many points i buy that was all the scores 28 points getting out of bed as lumps nato against the dc good tcu defense i thought you were in in the first quarter i not but seriously at oklahoma i mean if they don't if they don't have twenty eight points at the end of the third quarter i would say tissues done a fantastic job defensively go a out as four usc stanford in and you know we're not gonna spend probably as much time on i game as as it deserves because uh were playoffs knobs but uh usc gave a just a physically dominant performance in that game it was week two of the season uh they have not done that to any body since them uh the way to that they dominated stanford in and stamford finish stronger looked to against notre dame uh offensively like they haven't looked against any body all year so uh yeah it's that game is intriguing an interesting i'm just not sure that it will interest anybody you know east of uh he needs to be slow i'm i'm glad i've and that it's in a window by itself yeah you know with friday night there's not an against it so if you love college football why wouldn't you watch it absolutely now if it was buried on saturday night you're right like very few people would be that game given what's on the line in the acc in the big ten.

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