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Everybody going crazy over him. So you were plotting K d do you think he can hold this for the rest of the series or go back into a little bit of like we're going to beat these guys and not be aggressive? You could do one of the other. But I think we're gonna see Katie that came out last night because he realizes that. If he don't play this way, then his team is going to struggle a little bit. If you want to call it a struggle giving up a thirty one point lead, but he has to be affected and we saw the game last night. I mean, he's unstoppable if he kissed the ball, his we spot there's no one in the buildings that can stop him. And that's what he did last night. It's not about inputting the basketball on the floor of just getting to your spot being early in transition. And you know, we we talk about. Patrick Beverley, but you know, we we've really insulted K D by count that that match up at a at a high level. But because Katie is the best offensive player in the game in terms of just shooting over whoever. And it was one of those nights where he displayed it. It's gotta hit the nail on the head. When you insult Kevin Kevin feels in salt, and he feels like motivation good night. Now, see later it's over. He is the best players that there is when he puts his mind to all right? I'm going to dominate in impose anything I need to on this game to get my team over the hump, and it was clear in the last couple of days coaching staff the players everybody. He has message. Hey, we need you the markets. Cousins out we need you to do a little bit more offensively. But we Kevin feel slighted by media. My players in the league, by coaches, sometimes that's when he plays it his best because it's a reminder to everybody else. I'm Kevin Durant on the. Man. And you can't stop me. So you're almost saying Nick that drama is good for Kevin Durant. It's funny. You should mention that because we've been following the drama this TV L season. Oh, yes. Our show within a show notes. Not salem. It's oakland. At the end like through the hourglass. So are the bays of our lives. Yes. We have chronicled the warriors drama. But what are you hearing about issues surrounding this team as opposed to what we hear on the outside? Keep seeing. Andrea dollar about this days ago. And I said Andrei is any different this year with all the drama than it was last season or the before they start laughing. He's like, Nope. The only difference is there's more scrutiny because there is so much more attention on what we're doing because so few teams have been able to do what they're trying to accomplish the season. But he said, no, he said everybody thinks that all hell's breaking loose inside. And then everything's coming to an end guys. I don't think people out there understand the players and coaches have known all season the Kevin may leave. They may win another title. He may be the finals MVP for the third straight year. Any may leave..

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